Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: How to fish, focused fishing & perfect catches

Guardian holding a fishing rod in Destiny 2Bungie

Diving into Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep has just gotten even more exciting with fishing! We’ve got your back with the lowdown on how to get your fishing game on point in Destiny 2’s latest season.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep has arrived bringing new content for all Guardians to enjoy. Not only have we been brought a new story involving Sloane becoming part taken, but we were also pulled back to the old planet of Titan, to assist with the creature named Ahsa.

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That’s not all! There’s even more action-packed content for you to sink your teeth into. Get involved in a fresh 6-man matchmade activity named ‘Salvage’. Here, Guardians will team up with Sloane to retrieve a variety of items for the enigmatic Drifter, all while facing off against a daunting boss lurking in the shadows.

On top of this, something a little different has also joined Destiny 2, and it’s something you might not expect – fishing. This activity is making its debut in Season of the Deep and here’s how to do it.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: How to go fishing

In order to start fishing, players will need to finish the first weekly mission of Season of the Deep named “Into the Depths”. Once finished, you’ll receive a quest from the holoprojector asking them to speak with Hawthorne.

Hawthorne will ask the Guardian to collect some bait, this can be done by completing Salvages, Deep Dives, playlist activities, public events, patrols, or by collecting destination materials. These activities will grant various amounts of bait which generally correlates to the difficulty and time spent within the activity.

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Suraya Hawthorne giving out the fishing questBungie
Hawthorne will give you the tackle box required for fishing.

From there, you’ll spend time visiting each pond, one on the EDZ, one on Nessus and one in Savathun’s Throne World.

Fishing itself is rather simple, hit the interact button to start fishing. Once you see the prompt pop up, hit the button once again to reel in your fish.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Focused Fishing and Perfect Catches

Whilst fishing, a meter called “Focused Fishing” will appear on the bottom left of the screen. As players fish at the pond, the meter will fill up. The higher the meter, the likelihood of rare fish catches improves, meaning it’s a good idea to join up with some buddies and get a good haul going. Ideally bringing more bait allows you to fish for longer, which can also help fill up the Focused Fishing meter further.

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Season of the Deep Fishing in Destiny 2Bungie
Focused Fishing can be found as a meter in your buff bar.

Alongside just fishing, getting a perfect catch will also fill up the meter further. Perfect Catches can be gained by hitting the interact button shortly after the fish bites, so ensure you’re paying attention whilst you’re fishing.

Finally, if you check your Tackle Box in your inventory, it will also tell you if there’s increased activity at one of the fishing locations, which can also help you catch rarer fish.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: All fish

There are tons of fish to catch in Destiny 2 now, with many spanning from Uncommon to Exotic. So, here are all the fish you can catch in Destiny 2. When we find more we’ll add them so be sure to check back soon.

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At Least It’s a CarpUncommon
Minueting MackerelUncommon
Hadrian KoiUncommon
Cydonian CichlidUncommon
Aachen CichlidRare
Chiron’s CarpRare
Koi CirrusRare
Madrugadan MackerelRare
Golden TrevallyhooRare
Agronatlantic SalmonRare
Traxian ToadRare
Hardcase HaddockRare
Lamian LobsterRare
Azimuth AngelfishRare
Cup Bearer CatfishRare
Allegrian JackRare
Cuboid CodRare
Gusevian GarRare
Galliard TrevallyLegendary
Salvagers SalmonLegendary
Drangelfish (Baroque)Legendary
Temptation’s HaddockLegendary
Servant LobsterLegendary
Aachen CichlidLegendary
Agronatlantic SalmonLegendary
Allegrian JackLegendary
Azimuth AngelfishLegendary
Cod DuelloLegendary
Cuboid CodLegendary
Cup Bearer CatfishLegendary
Cydonian CichlidLegendary
Deafening WhiskerLegendary
Gnawing Hun GarLegendary
Golden TrevallyhooLegendary
Gusevian GarLegendary
Ignition ToadLegendary
Koi CirrusLegendary
Minueting MackerelLegendary
No Turning JackLegendary
Traxian ToadLegendary
Kheprian AxeheadExotic
Aeonian Alpha-BettaExotic

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