Destiny 2 Deepsight Harmonizers: How to farm, use, and what weapons to convert

deepsight harmonizer from destiny 2 season fo the deep with zavala and new character blurred in background.

In Season of the Deep, Bungie added a new item to Destiny 2 that transforms crafting. Known as the Deepsight Harmonizer, this new rare currency is a game changer for acquiring Red Border weapons. Here’s how to farm and use Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2.

Farming Red Border weapons, also known as Deepsight weapons, is an important task that Destiny 2 players do to obtain the best guns possible.

Unlike standard random rolls, Red Border weapons can be crafted and customized to guarantee God Rolls and top traits. You can even customize the frame, changing what stat receives the Masterwork bonus.

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However, Deepsight weapons are rare and difficult to farm. But thanks to the looter shooter’s new item added in Season of the Deep it just got a lot easier. Here’s how to farm and use Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2, and what weapons you should be using them on.


How to farm Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2

The only way to obtain Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2 is through the Season Pass. A total of six can be acquired in the Season of the Deep season pass at the following ranks:

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  • Rank 47
  • Rank 57
  • Rank 62
  • Rank 77
  • Rank 84
  • Rank 93

In the This Week At Bungie blog posted on April 5, Bungie confirmed that the Season Pass would be the “sole source,” of Deepsight Harmonizers for the initial rollout.

the season 21 season pass for season of the deep in destiny features new deepsight harmonizer currency.

How to use Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2

Deepsight Harmonizers can be used in Destiny 2 by selecting them in the new Mod slot found on non-Red Border craftable weapons.

If a weapon is eligible a message will appear when hovering over it that reads: “Deepsight activation is available for this weapon.”

Be aware that craftable weapons dropped exclusively from Raids will require an additional 15 Spoils of Conquest per Deepsight Harmonizer to activate them.

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Once the Deepsight Harmonizer is selected it will immediately convert the chosen weapon into a Red Border. From there you can simply extract the pattern progress as usual.

Showcase how to convert craftable weapons into red borders using deepsight harmonizer in destiny 2.Deepsight Harmonizers are used to convert craftable weapons into Red Borders.

Best weapons to use Deepsight Harmonizer on in Season 21

The best weapons to use your Deepsight Harmonizer on are older craftable weapons that are no longer available outside of Banshee and Xur selling them. Alternatively, World Drop exclusive weapons are a great choice too as it’s difficult to farm good rolls for them.

These are the recommended weapons to use your Deepsight Harmonizers on in Season of the Deep:

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  • Austringer
  • Disparity
  • Piece of Mind
  • Tears of Contrition


  • Beloved
  • Brigand’s Law
  • CALUS Mini-Tool
  • Explosive Personality
  • Hollow Denial
  • IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3
  • Judgment of Kelgorath
  • Tarnished Mettle
  • Under Your Skin


  • Bump in the Night
  • Fire and Forget
  • Recurrent Impact
  • Retrofit Escapade

That’s everything you need to know about Deepsight Harmonizers in Destiny 2. For more useful tips consider checking out our other guides.

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