Best Destiny 2 Titan Build: Meta Prismatic and Solar loadouts for The Final Shape

Patrick Dane
A screenshot from the game Destiny 2

If you want the best Titan build in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a comprehensive guide that will unlock the subclasses’ true potential in the looter shooter’s latest expansion.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape has hit the ground running, with players praising the campaign, as well as the new raid for being the best to date. Additionally, the Prismatic subclass has also been praised for being exceptionally strong and fun to use.

Prismatic is a unique state where Light and Darkness combine into one. The Guardian earns this power during the campaign, which can be further upgraded by unlocking Aspects and Fragments by completing missions.

For Titans, the Prismatic subclass creates a lot of opportunities opening up defensive and offensive playstyles. However, this does not mean your standard builds become obsolete as you can still use them for high-end content. Here are the best builds for Titans in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, featuring the brand-new Prismatic subclass, plus an old favorite.

Best Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan Build: Synthoceps

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Prismatic Titan is exceptionally strong on release, being the most versatile subclass to date.

Prismatic is the brand-new subclass where Light and Darkness work in harmony to create something special. This new class is exceptionally strong, as it not only increases your strength as a Guardian, but Prismatic also unlocks the freedom to buildcraft to your heart’s content.

You can choose almost any combination of Grenades, Class Ability, Aspect, and Fragments, making Prismatic the most versatile subclass in the game. Currently, you are not forced to use Prismatic outside of The Final Shape’s campaign, but given how strong it is, you’ll want to give it a try.

The absolute best builds will utilize Exotic class items, but for now, you can use your regular Exotic armor instead. For Titan, one of the best Prismatic builds you can go for is one with Synthoceps, as even after its nerf, the sheer damage it deals is too good to pass on.

This build helps with both swift add-clear as well as keeping options open for boss damage. It is also extremely fun to play, as you chop your enemies down with the brand-new Titan Super – Twilight Arsenal.

Destiny 2 Titan Prismatic Build: Abilities, Aspects, & Fragments


  • Super: Twilight Arsenal
  • Class Ability: Towering Barricade
  • Movement: Strafe Lift
  • Melee: Frenzied Blade
  • Grenade: Shackle Grenade
  • Prismatic Grenade: Electrified Snare (Strand + Arc)


  • Consecration: Activating your charged melee ability while sliding will create a wave of Solar Energy. All targets in front of you will take damage and get scorched. Slamming onto the ground while being airborne creates another very powerful solar blast that ignites every target.
  • Knockout: Gain increased melee range and damage upon critically wounding an enemy or breaking their shield. Your melee also gets infused with Arc. Defeating a target will make you amplified and restore a short amount of HP. Defeating stronger targets increases the HP restored.


  • Facet of Purpose: Gain Amplified, Restoration, Frost Armor, Woven Mail, or Void Overshield whenever you pick up an orb of power depending on your equipped Super.
  • Facet of Balance: Gain melee energy when rapidly defeating targets with Light energy. Gain Grenade energy when rapidly defeating targets with Darkness energy.
  • Facet of Bravery: Gain Volatile on your Void weapons upon defeating targets with your Grenades. Gain Unraveling rounds for your Strand weapons upon defeating targets with powered melee abilities.
  • Facet of Sacrifice: Gain bonus Darkness Transcendence energy upon ability final blows whenever you have Arc, Solar, or Void buffs.
  • Facet of Courage: Gain bonus damage on enemies with Darkness debuffs upon using your Arc, Solar, and Void abilities.

Prismatic Titan weapons and Exotic

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Graviton Lance is a powerful Exotic to pair with Titan Prismatic build.
  • Kinetic: In the Kinetic Slot, you should go for a special ammo weapon that will help take down mini-bosses and elite enemies easily. The best choice here is The Call sidearm which is part of the Rocket-Assisted Frame family.
  • Energy: In the energy slot, go for the Exotic Pulse Rifle, Graviton Lance. This weapon is exceptional in the current meta as Pulse Rifles in general have been buffed. Additionally, it synergizes well with the rest of the build and it is one of the best add clear weapons in the game.
  • Heavy: In the Heavy slot, go for the Void Grenade Launcher, Edge Transit. This weapon rolls with Bait and Switch which you can pair with either Cascade Point or Envious Assassin. It is one of the best boss DPS weapons in the current meta and a must-have for this build.

Prismatic Titan armor mods

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
The best Prismatic Titan mods offer a balance of utility and damage enhancement.


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice: (3-4)
  • Harmonic Siphon: (1)
  • Heavy Ammo Finder: (3)
  • Hands-On: (3)


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice: (3-4)
  • Heavy Handed: (3)
  • Impact Induction: (2)
  • Harmonic Loader: (2)


  • +10 Stat mod of choice: (4)
  • Concussive Dampner: (3)
  • Harmonic Resistance: (1)
  • Harmonic Resistance: (1)


  • +10 Stat mod of choice: (3-4)
  • Void Surge: (3)
  • Void Surge: (3)
  • Harmonic Scavenger: (1)

Class Item

  • +10 Stat mod of choice: (3-4)
  • Time Dilation: (3)
  • Reaper: (3)
  • Outreach: (1)

Prismatic Titan Stat Priority

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Resilience is the most important stat on a Prismatic Titan build, as it is on most PvE builds.
  • Resilience > Recovery > Discipline > Strength > Intellect > Mobility

When it comes to stat priority, there is not much difference with this loadout than your average Titan build. You should prioritize Resilience as always since that is the strongest stat for this class. This is followed by Recovery which comes in handy when fighting in high difficulty content.

With Prismatic you do not have access to the Banner of War Aspect, which means getting your HP back up quickly is essential. Finally, Discipline is a good stat for the Prismatic build as your Grapple Grenades will come in handy when dealing with adds in high-end content.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan Build: How to use Synthoceps

Prismatic Titan is very simple as your idea is to use the Light and Darkness abilities as much as possible to gain Transcendence Energy. Here is a guide on how you can do this effectively:

  • Use your Strand melee and Grenade to get Darkness Transcendence Energy
  • Use your Void weapon kills to charge Light Transcendence Energy
  • Once it is full, activate it and take down as many enemies as possible
  • You can also use your Super whenever it is available to deal massive damage to bosses

It is also important to remember that your Grenade recharges quickly when in a Prismatic state. This means you can use your abilities more frequently making it easy to clear out hordes of enemies in an instant.

Best Destiny 2 Titan Solar Build: Pyrogale Gauntlets

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Solar Titans have been in the PvE Meta for some time, but are especially strong in The Final Shape.

Solar Titan has always been strong, ever since the rework to this subclass in Season 17. Back in the day, the Loreley Splendor Helmet used to be broken, providing unmatched survivability. In addition to that, players could use Throwing Hammer for damage, turning Solar Titan into a one-man army.

However, Loreley has been long since nerfed, and the Throwing Hammer received similar treatment in Season 23. Hence, Loreley Splendor has been replaced by something even stronger – Pyrogale Gauntlets. This Solar Titan build with the Pyrogale Gauntlets isn’t too different from Hunter’s Celestial Nighthawk.

In principle, the build functions similarly to the classic Hunter Exotic, as it modifies Burning Maul into a one-shot damage slam. This particular build works in a wide variety of situations, especially against bosses and high-end content.

While Prismatic is likely to be meta going forward, there’s no harm in sticking with your traditional subclasses, with this Solar build proving a force to be reckoned with in Dungeons and Raids alike.

Destiny 2 Titan Solar Build: Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


  • Class ability: Rally Barricade
  • Jump: Catapult Lift
  • Melee: Throwing Hammer
  • Grenade: Healing Grenade
  • Ultimate: Burning Maul


  • Sol Invictus: Solar ability final blows, Hammer of Sol impacts, and defeating scorched targets creates Sunspots. Your abilities regenerate faster, and your Super drains more slowly while standing in a Sunspot. Sunspots apply Scorch and deal damage to targets inside. Entering a Sunspot applies Restoration.
  • Consecration: Whenever you slide, you can activate your charged melee ability to release a wave of Solar energy. This will scorch targets in front of you and deal massive damage. While you are airborne, you can slam to the ground and create an even stronger wave of Solar energy. This new wave will Ignite all scorched targets.


  • Ember of Ashes: Apply more scorch stacks to targets
  • Ember of Empyrean: Solar weapon and ability final blows will extend the duration of radiant and restoration. (Resilience -10)
  • Ember of Wonder: Rapid kills with Solar Ignitions grant you Orb of Power (Resilience +10)
  • Ember of Searing: Scorch target defeats grant melee energy and Firesprites (Recovery +10)

Solar Titan Weapons and Exotic

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Sunshot remains one of the most powerful Exotic weapons, even after Season 23’s Solar-focused artifact was replaced.
  • Kinetic: You can go for anything you want, but a Special weapon will be the best possible choice. The Call sidearm is your best choice here, followed by The Supremacy Sniper Rifle with the Kinetic Tremors perk.
  • Energy: In the Energy Slot you need a powerful Solar Primary weapon. The most optimal choice here is Sunshot as your add-clear is enhanced significantly while having access to the benefits of Ignite and Scorch. Depending on the content, you may prefer alternatives like Red Death Reformed, Polaris Lance, or Ticuu’s Divination.
  • Heavy: This slot is entirely your choice. It would be best if you went for a powerful damage-dealing Heavy weapon here, as this build is designed to be used against bosses. A god roll Edge Transit or Apex Predator will be the best choices, though any meta Heavy weapon will suffice.

Solar Titan Armor Mods

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Mods in the Solar Titan build will cater towards enhancing your abilities


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice – (3-4)
  • Heavy Ammo Finder – (3)
  • Harmonic Siphon (1)
  • Harmonic Siphon (1)


  • +5 Stat Mod of choice (1-2)
  • Heavy Handed (3)
  • Heavy Handed (3)
  • Impact Induction (2)


  • +5 Stat Mod of choice (1-2)
  • Concussive Dampener – (3)
  • Charged Up – (3)
  • Resistance Mod of choice – (2)


  • +5/10 Stat Mod of choice – (1-3)
  • Recuperation – (1)
  • Absolution – (3)
  • Solar Weapon Surge – (3)

Class Item

  • +10 Stat Mod of choice – (3-4)
  • Powerful Attraction – (2)
  • Time Dilation – (3)
  • Outreach – (1)

Solar Titan Stat Priority

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2
Resilience and Discipline are the key stats you should focus on with Solar Titan
  • Resilience > Discipline > Recovery > Intellect > Strength > Mobility

Resilience should be your priority here. Solar Titans are known for their survivability, and we want to ensure that aspect remains as strong as possible. A higher Resilience also decreases the cooldown of Rally Barricade, which can be useful in DPS phases.

While the melee is an important part of this build, you can forgo Strength, as you can recollect your Throwing Hammer by walking over it, immediately resetting its cooldown. Instead, build into Discipline for better grenade generation, or Recovery for those rare moments when you need to get your health back.

Destiny 2 Solar Titan build: How to use Pyrogale Gauntlets

This is a fairly easy build to execute, as the idea is to use your Burning Maul to deal massive amounts of damage to the boss. Additionally, you will create Sunspots that will enhance your survivability, while you will scorch targets and ignite them with your Solar weapons and abilities.

The rotation goes like this: 

  • Use Burning Maul to deal massive damage to enemies
  • Get back to your team while sliding
  • Activate Consecration to take care of adds around you
  • Pop your Rally Barricade to assist your team
  • Stand in the Sunspots to ensure survivability, while using your Heavy ammo to deal additional damage

One of the most interesting aspects to note here is that whenever you use Consecration, you will automatically spawn Sunspots. Therefore, you do not need to use your Hammer ability nearly as often as with other Solar Titan builds. The Throwing Hammer can be used to deal final blows to yellow bar enemies in case it is necessary, or if you are in urgent need of sunspots to heal up fast.

For more on Destiny 2 The Final Shape, check out these guide on the best Warlock and Hunter builds. Also, learn more about the meta PvE weapons, PvP weapons, and Exotic weapons to make sure your loadouts are up to date.

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