Destiny 2 Exotic Mission Rotator: Schedule and loot table this week

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Wish-Keeper used in Destiny 2's Starcrossed Exotic mission.

The Exotic Mission Rotator returns in The Final Shape, with the fan-favorite weekly activity avoiding the content vault. Here’s everything you need to know about the Exotic Mission Rotator in Destiny 2, including how it works, this week’s schedule, and what loot is up for grabs.

Destiny 2 has introduced hundreds of seasonal weapons throughout its numerous seasons, with some being top-tier options that new players can’t reasonably acquire anymore. It can be frustrating knowing you missed out on powerful guns like Retrofit Escapade, IKELOS_SMG, and Bump in the Night.

Thankfully, Bungie implemented a solution to this problem back in Season 22. Known as the Exotic MIssion Rotator, this weekly activity lets players earn enhanced versions of vaulted Exotic weapons and old seasonal guns alike.

However, only one Exotic Mission is featured each week. Miss it, and you will have to wait several weeks for another chance to earn that mission’s unique rewards, so it’s important you know what this week’s rotation is.

Exotic Mission Rotator schedule

Episode Echoes: Act 2 has begun, and a new Exotic Mission Rotator schedule is here, bringing a different Exotic Mission each week, with each having its own unique Exotic weapon, and some even having an extended loot pool.

This week’s featured mission is Operation Seraph’s Shield, giving you the chance to unlock Revision Zero (Kinetic Pulse Rifle). It will remain the featured Exotic Mission until the Weekly Reset on July 23, 2024.

Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle overview and perks in Destiny 2.

Here’s the full Exotic Mission Rotator schedule for Episode Echoes Act 2:

DateExotic QuestFeatured Exotic Weapon
July 16Operation Seraph’s ShieldRevision Zero
July 23//NODE.OVRD.AVALON//Vexcalibur
July 30StarcrossedWish-Keeper
August 6PresageDead Man’s Tale
August 13Vox ObscuraDead Messenger
August 20Operation Seraph’s ShieldRevision Zero

Exotic Mission Rotator loot table

Most available Exotic missions have their own unique loot pools for players to farm. This loot table is made up of old seasonal weapons that are all craftable.

Every week, players can receive three guaranteed Red Border drops by doing the following:

  • Complete the featured Exotic Mission on Regular difficulty.
  • Complete the featured Exotic Mission on Legend difficulty.
  • Complete two runs of the featured Exotic Mission on any difficulty.

Following completions in the same week will still reward seasonal weapons from the appropriate loot table, but they are not guaranteed to be Red Borders.

These are the loot tables for the three Exotic quests currently available in the Mission Rotator:


AustringerBelovedBump in the Night
CALUS Mini-ToolDrang (Baroque)Firefright
Hollow DenialNezarec’s WhisperTears of Contrition
Without Remorse

Additionally, you can earn the Eidolon Pursuant armor set first released in Season 17.

Vox Obscura

Explosive PersonalityPiece of MindRecurrent Impact
Sweet SorrowThoughtlessUnder Your Skin

Additionally, you can earn the Tusked Allegiance armor set first released in Season 16.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield

DisparityFire and ForgetIKELOS_HC_v.1.0.3
Judgment of KelgorathPath of Least ResistanceRetrofit Escapade
Tripwire Canary

Additionally, you can earn the Warmind’s Avatar armor set first released in Season 19.

What is the Exotic Mission Rotator?

The Exotic Mission Rotator is a weekly activity first added in Season 22, where players can complete and farm old Exotic quests for various rewards.

These rewards include craftable variants of returning Exotics, a range of old seasonal guns that were not farmable before this activity, and even Red Border drops for craftable Legendary weapons. Each week will see a different Exotic Mission featured, with each mission having its own unique loot and craftable Exotic up for grabs.

How to access the Exotic Mission Rotator

You can access and play the Exotic Mission Rotator by selecting the Destinations tab, Legends, and finally clicking the featured weekly Exotic quest.

The only requirement to start each mission is to either own the respective expansion or season connected to the relevant Exotic weapon. However, it’s also recommended to be at least 1945 Power for Standard difficulty and 2005 Power for Expert difficulty, as these are the current activity power caps.

The Exotic Mission Rotator isn’t the only Destiny 2 feature you’ll need to master to avoid missing out. There are also Deepsight Harmonizers and this month’s Promo Codes. If it’s an optimized loadout you need instead, check out these guides on the best Exotic Weapons, PvE Weapons, and PvP Weapons to use.

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