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Bungie adding Destiny 2 weapon crafting in Witch Queen: everything we know

Published: 2/Sep/2021 6:06 Updated: 2/Sep/2021 6:13

by Brad Norton


For the first time in Destiny history, Guardians will soon be able to craft their own weapons. The unique Witch Queen feature could change the popular FPS as we know it and we’ve got an early rundown to get you ahead of the seismic shift.

Over the years, Destiny players have been treated to all sorts of new mechanics, features, and experiences. Though few imagined we’d ever see a full-fledged crafting system added to the ever-evolving title.

Bungie shocked the community on August 23 with an announcement that dedicated weapon crafting is in the works for The Witch Queen expansion.


How will we craft new guns? What materials do we need? When does the feature go live? For answers to all those questions and more, here’s a full overview of everything we know thus far.

How does weapon crafting work in Destiny 2?

While details remain quite scarce on the specifics of weapon crafting in Destiny 2, Bungie did reveal a few tidbits during The Witch Queen reveal showcase. The new system is described as a “combat-focused progression system.”

This means “the more you use these weapons the more powerful they grow over time.” For instance, using your favorite Auto Rifle for hours on end will evolve the weapon in new ways. 


From additional perks to unique buffs, using a particular weapon across all activities appears to be the key method of unlocking new bonuses in the crafting system.

Moreover, Bungie ensured a ton of variety for this crafting system. Rather than restricting it to specific craftable guns in and of itself, players will be able to craft just about everything. This includes raid weapons, seasonal guns, and all upcoming Throne World additions too.

Bungie details Destiny 2 weapon crafting system

Bungie plans on adding to the crafting system moving forward, with Witch Queen kicking things off.

We’re yet to see the new crafting system in action, so there’s no telling what type of resources we’ll need, or how we’ll access them. But devs provided a little extra insight when speaking with Polygon after the reveal stream.


“This is definitely a more in-depth system than anything we had in [the original Destiny],” Game Director Joe Blackburn said.

Rather than scrounging for completely random resources, Bungie ensured players can craft weapon improvements by specifically using their favorite guns. “I don’t think you can feel like an expert if you’re driving around destinations picking up grass,” Blackburn joked. “Yeah, I’ll turn all this grass into a gun.”

Instead, it’s all about putting “time in” with a particular weapon to become an “expert.”

When is weapon crafting available in Destiny 2?

Weapon crafting is set to go live alongside The Witch Queen expansion on February 22, 2022. The feature will be available as part of the new content drop, though there’s no telling what the prerequisites may be just yet.


Guardians may have to push through The Witch Queen’s main narrative before having access to the weapon crafting area. Alternatively, it could become available early into the new experience. 

We’ll have to wait and see though you’ll definitely be able to start crafting away once the Feb 22 update arrives.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Guardians will be able to wield their crafted weapons in the fight against Savathun.

As Savathun draws near, plenty of information is constantly trickling out. From the Void 3.0 rework to a potential new element, there’s plenty to be on the lookout for. 

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest as The Witch Queen expansion approaches in Destiny 2.