New Destiny 2 Witch Queen six-person “Wellspring” activity explained: Full Walkthrough

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A brand new six-person activity – that isn’t a Raid- is now live in Destiny 2 and we’ve got a full rundown on all there is to know about the Wellspring challenge in the Witch Queen expansion.

After years of building to her arrival, the Witch Queen, Savathun herself, is now in focus. With the latest expansion came all-new weapon types, events, seasonal content, and plenty more in between.

Though a standout in the content drop is a fresh six-person activity to challenge full-sized Fireteams. Following on from the likes of the Blind Well or the Menagerie, Wellspring is now in effect for the Witch Queen era.

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While it’s still early days yet and the experience is sure to evolve, here’s a complete rundown to help you through the Wellspring activity in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Savathun artworkBungie
With the arrival of Savathun came a brand new six-person activity in her Throne World.

How to access the Wellspring activity in Witch Queen

First things first is unlocking the Wellspring activity in Destiny 2. If you’re just booting up The Witch Queen expansion, you won’t have access to this new six-person challenge right out of the gate.

Instead, Guardians must first complete the Witch Queen campaign to unlock the new activity. All primary story missions have to be cleared before the Wellspring appears in the Director.

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Regardless of whether you play on classic difficulty or the new Legendary variant, so long as you finish every mission, you’ll be able to jump into the Wellspring activity. It is worth noting, however, that all Fireteam members require access. So you can’t launch into the Wellspring if one of your teammates is yet to finish the story.

Destiny 2 Wellspring Power Level

The Recommended Power Level for The Wellspring: Attack is set to 1510 Power.

Obviously, the higher your Power, the easier you’ll find this activity. With the new floor set to 1350, you’ll have to do some grinding before jumping into the Wellspring.

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Destiny 2 Witch Queen armor setBungie
This new six-person activity is only available after clearing the Witch Queen campaign.

Clearing the campaign should provide a decent boost and better yet, if you tackle the story on Legendary, you’ll already have a full set of armor above the Recommended Power Level.

Destiny 2 Wellspring: Attack walkthrough

For the Wellspring: Attack activity, your goal is to prevent a Hive ritual as they seek to obtain more powerful Light. To do this, your Fireteam of six must first crash the party in Savathun’s Throne World before escorting a Resonant Splinter and dealing lethal blows to a few key targets.

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Upon spawning in, your first job is to ‘retake control of the Wellspring.’ This is as simple as clearing the first room full of enemies.

When your team is all set after the first encounter, a Resonant Splinter will appear. Stand close to this objective in order to guide it along a predetermined path within a set five-minute period.

If you’re familiar with the new Public Event, you’ll feel right at home here. It’s the same principle of standing close to an objective and wiping out enemies that wait along the path.

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Destiny 2 gameplayBungie
Similar to the new Witch Queen Public Event, Guardians have to escort a Resonant Splinter through the Wellspring activity.

At the halfway point, however, things change in the Wellspring activity. You’ll have to shatter a few crystals to open the next area, a more open field with multiple rooms spread across all directions.

Stick together as a full squad and approach these rooms one at a time. Inside you’ll notice a typical Hive platform that needs to be charged by standing on top of it.

Upon activating the platform, it’ll drop an impenetrable shield on the Patron of the Spring yellow bar enemy directly ahead. Wipe this miniboss, grab the Orb that it drops, and bank it in the center of the map. Then, it’s just a matter of rinsing and repeating this process in the next few rooms.

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Destiny 2 Wellspring gameplayBungie
Wiping all Patrons of the Spring is the key to triggering the final Wellspring boss fight.

Once all the Patrons have been taken care of and all of their Orbs have been banked, it’s time for the big boss fight against Golmag, Warden of the Spring.

This Giant Ogre drops into battle with a health bar split into multiple chunks. Upon clearing each chunk, a new invulnerable shield spawns to keep the boss safe.

In order to take it down before each damage phase, simply repeat the same cycle as before. Kill Patrons around the map, bank their Orbs in the center, and continue with your damage. That’s all there is to it.

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Below is a step by step guide of the Wellspring Attack activity in Destiny 2 for you to follow along:

  1. Retake control of the Wellspring by clearing nearby enemies.
  2. Escort a Resonant Splinter through the map, clearing foes along the way.
  3. Activate Hive platforms, kill Patrons of the Spring, and bank their Orbs.
  4. Defeat Golmag, Warden of the Spring to finish the activity.

That’s all we know thus far about the new Wellspring activity in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion. As we uncover more secrets, we’ll be sure to keep you posted right here.

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