Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: release date, new content, and more

Season of the Deep Key ArtBungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep will follow after Lightfall’s Season of the Defiance, here’s everything we know about its release date, new content, and more.

Destiny 2’s Season 21, aka Season of the Deep, will follow the current Season of the Defiance. Season of the Deep will bring about more story content in Lightfall, a new dungeon, and revamps of various systems that were introduced in the latest expansion.

While not everything has yet been revealed for the next major update, we’ve put together an early look at all there is to know about Season of the Deep in Destiny 2.

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The Witness approaches the traveler which is surrounded by Pyramid ships in Destiny 2: LightfallBungie
Lightfall’s story is set to continue, gradually, in Season of the Deep.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep release date

Season of the Deep will follow as soon as Season of the Defiance finishes. According to the end date of the Defiance battle pass, Season of the Deep should become available on May 23, 2023.

As per usual, it’ll likely land on the weekly reset occurring at 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET.

Season of the Deep balance changes

Alongside the usual offerings, Season of the Deep will feature revamps and buffs to several subclasses. These include damage buffs to certain supers in PvE, as well as Strand buffs all around the board.

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On top of this, Bungie has taken aim at both exotic armor and weapons, targeting outliers for various buffs and nerfs.

You can read more about the changes coming in our early patch notes here.

Season of the Deep pricing changes

Bungie has bumped up the price of the season pass for the game, starting with Season of the Deep. Guardians can expect to pay slightly more (around 1 to 2 USD) as the cost is being pushed from 1000 Silver to 1200 Silver.

Season of the Deep power changes

Another major change coming with Season of the Deep is the removal of the power grind, meaning players will no longer need to grind as much as before. Players will still be required to grind out the seasonal artifact power bonus, however.

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Season of the Deep content

New story content

Like other seasons, Season of the Deep will host its own story that will progress each week. This story will continue from the end of Lightfall and will push toward the final expansion in the Light and Dark saga, The Final Shape.

Season of the Deep, as the name implies will see Guardians enter the deep blue. We do know that we’ll be returning to the once-vaulted location of Titan but are uncertain if the location will be the full zone.

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Alongside this, Titan vendor Sloane is back in the story, requesting emergency support as shown in this teaser.

One thing we do know to expect is a mission providing a little extra clarity on what exactly The Veil is as we head toward the Final Shape.

New seasonal activity

As per seasons before it, Season of the Deep should host a Seasonal Activity to keep players entertained throughout its duration. This seasonal activity has yet to be confirmed, but will likely be a match-made activity for 3 or 6 players, and will allow players to farm for specific seasonal loot.

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New dungeon

A new dungeon has been confirmed for release in Season of the Deep as part of the Lightfall Dungeon Key. This Dungeon will require players to own the Lightfall Dungeon Key, which was included in Lightfall’s Deluxe Edition or can be purchased for 2,000 Silver.

destiny 2 lightfall dungeon passBungie
The Dungeon Key will be required for players to partake in Season of the Deep dungeon.

It’s likely that this Dungeon will contain its own exotic, weapons, and armor pieces for players to chase, much like similar endgame activities before it.

Exotic focusing

Exotics engrams dropped from certain activities will no longer auto-decrypt when obtained in Season of the Deep. These engrams can then be focused at Rahool, costing players various materials and glimmer.

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New Strand Aspects

Since the release of Lightfall, we’ve been missing out on one Strand aspect per class. Bungie revealed that these would be coming in Season of the Deep, and we now know exactly what they are. Hunters will be receiving Threaded Specter, Titans will gain Flechette Storm and Warlocks are getting The Wanderer. You can read more about these aspects here.

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