CDL 2022 season: Standings, schedule, format & teams

Jacob Hale
Call of Duty League 2022 logo with fiery background

The 2022 Call of Duty League season is well underway, with three Majors down and just one more to go before CoD Champs. Here’s all the info you need on the 2022 season including schedule, standings, format, and more.

The Call of Duty League came back with a bang in 2022. We’ve had brand new franchises entering the fray, players and teams seeking revenge on their 2021 rivals, and reigning champions Atlanta FaZe looking to become Call of Duty’s greatest-ever dynasty.

They’ve had to fend off competition from the likes of Seattle Surge and newly-formed OpTic Texas, a result of the merger between OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire in the offseason, but to no avail: they’ve come second at every Major this season so far.

Take a look for the full rundown on what to expect over the coming season.

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CDL 2022 overall standings

The regular season of the CoD League kicked off on February 4. Four months later, here’s how the standings look before Major 3. It’s worth noting, too, that only the top 8 teams after Major 4 will qualify for Champs, meaning teams like New York Subliners have found themselves in a very tough situation.

Position Team Series record Map record CDL Points
1 Atlanta FaZe 28-13 102-70 330
2 OpTic Texas 24-12 90-55 265
3 LA Thieves 18-17 76-69 205
4 London Royal Ravens 17-14 64-61 190
5 Seattle Surge 15-15 65-62 185
6 Boston Breach 16-15 61-65 180
7 Toronto Ultra 16-18 70-72 180
8 New York Subliners 14-15 59-61 160
9 Florida Mutineers 13-17 54-64 160
10 LA Guerrillas 15-17 59-72 155
11 Minnesota RØKKR 14-12 52-52 140
12 Paris Legion 2-23 31-73 20

CDL 2022 schedule

The CDL Kickoff Classic took place from January 21-23, with all 12 teams looking to get themselves off to a hot start before the season officially got going. Toronto Ultra ultimately took home the win, beating a surprisingly strong Seattle Surge side in the grand finals.

From then onwards, the regular season has played out as follows:

Major 1: February 4-March 6

Major 2: March 11-April 3

Midseason tournaments: April 9-May 8

  • All-Star Event postponed to end of season
  • April 24: CDL Warzone Pacific Tournament
    • Each of the 12 League teams assembled a four-person squad and dropped into Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads. The last person standing on each map takes home a cash prize for their team and additional prizing was awarded for kills.
  • May 5-8: Pro-Am Classic (LAN)
    • All 12 League teams are scheduled to compete on LAN in front of a live audience alongside the top four Challengers squads. $100,000 in first place prizing is on the line as the pros face off against their Challenger foes. No CDL points will be awarded for this event.

Major 3: May 13-June 5

Major 4: July 1-24

CDL 2022 season format: Qualifiers, Majors, Playoffs

Here’s the format for the 2022 CDL season:

Major Qualifiers

  • 2022 season is divided into 4 Majors
  • No more team-hosted Home Series’
  • Regular season matches will be all online and treated as ‘Qualifiers’ for the Major
  • Qualifiers will consist of teams playing 5 prescheduled online matches against randomly drawn teams
  • 10 CDL points per Qualifier series win


  • Majors will feature all 12 teams after initial announcements said they would only have eight
  • One weekend of LAN play, hosted by individual franchises
  • $500k prize pool
  • CDL points breakdown is as follows:
    • 1st – 65 CDL Points
    • 2nd – 50 CDL Points
    • 3rd – 40 CDL Points
    • 4th – 30 CDL Points
    • 5th-6th – 20 CDL Points
    • 7th-8th – 10 CDL Points
    • 9th-12th – 0 CDL Points


  • The Call of Duty Championship has been confirmed to be taking place in the Galen Center, LA, from August 4-7
  • $2.5m prize pool

CDL 2022 teams & rosters

There have been some big team changes and there are two new franchises on the board this year. Here are all of the teams and their current rosters:

Team Starters
OpTic Texas Shotzzy iLLeY Scump Dashy
Atlanta FaZe Simp aBeZy Cellium Arcitys
Boston Breach Methodz TJHaly Nero Vivid
Florida Mutineers Skyz MajorManiak Owakening 2Real
New York Subliners Kismet PaulEhx Crimsix HyDra
London Royal Ravens Afro Nastie Zer0 Gismo
Toronto Ultra Bance Insight Cammy CleanX
Minnesota RØKKR Priestahh Attach Havok Standy
Los Angeles Thieves Drazah Kenny Octane Envoy
Paris Legion Johnny Jimbo GRVTY Temp
Seattle Surge Accuracy Mack Sib Pred
Los Angeles Guerrillas SlasheR Gunless Asim Huke

That’s everything you need to know for the CDL 2022 season, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back to find all the info in one place.