Full Call of Duty League 2024 schedule leaked

Jacob Hale
Call of Duty League logo with text underneath saying '2024 schedule leak'

Dexerto sources have disclosed the full schedule for the Call of Duty League 2024 season, with matches due to start in December and four Majors across the season.

With no set structure to each CDL season, the format and schedule is always something that fans have to wait and see what is expected to come.

Generally, fans can expect a series of online qualifier matches followed by a LAN Major, but when the season starts, finishes, and where the events take place, is always a question mark.

Ahead of the league’s planned announcement on November 2, we can now reveal the full schedule for the season, though it’s worth noting that this could still be subject to change ahead of the announcement.

Call of Duty League 2024 schedule

Here is what leaked internal documents have revealed about the upcoming CDL season schedule:

  • Major 1 (Boston Major)
    • Qualifiers: December 8 – January 21 (includes three-week break for holidays)
    • LAN: January 25-28
  • Major 2
    • Qualifiers: February 16 – March 17
    • LAN: March 21-24
  • Major 3
    • Qualifiers: April 12 – May 12
    • LAN: May 16-19
  • Major 4
    • Qualifiers: May 24 – June 16
    • LAN: June 20-23
  • Call of Duty Championship: July 11-14
Call of Duty League logo on screen at CDL event
The new Call of Duty League season will finish with Champs in July.

Call of Duty League 2024 season format

While the dates on the calendar suggest three-day Major tournaments, previous years have had four-day Majors, and this is expected to continue this season.

There are due to be some changes this year, though, sources have told Dexerto. Teams are expected to play seven qualifier matches in 2024 instead of five, allowing for a more clear scope of ability, fairer standings, and a better warm-up before the LAN Major.

Not only that but LAN points should be increased, meaning that performing on LAN is a lot more important than online, a major complaint from last season. Also at LAN events, the Winner’s Final is expected to be the second scheduled match on Sundays instead of first, meaning less downtime for the team who qualifies for the Grand Final through the Winner’s Bracket.

As mentioned, things are still subject to change, but with the Modern Warfare 3 launch date and planned start date for the league fast approaching, there can’t be many major changes to be made between now and then.

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