With the excitement of CoD XP 2016 approaching, the FaZe Clan Call of Duty team have revealed on Twitter they’ll be moving to Texas.

Set to take place after the world championships on September 2nd to 4th in Los Angeles, the FaZe squad of Enable, Zooma, Clayster, Attach and his girlfriend will all be moving to a house, located somewhere in Texas.

Upon hearing the news that the house is going ahead, Clayster, his girlfriend and Attach all Tweeted out about the house being accepted, with just the lease left to sign. It’s not clear yet where the house is located in the Texas state, with a number of options including Austin and Dallas previously been discussed.

FaZe will play at CoD XP 2016 in Group E at the tournament, facing off against eLevate, Most Wanted and Giants Gaming. Will the house prove as motivation?

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