Will Star Wars Jedi: Survivor be open world?

cal kestis looking at giant creature in star wars survivorRespawn Entertainment

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will feature another flurry of lightsaber-fighting combat, but will hopeful Jedi also be able to explore the game fully with a completely open world to investigate?

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order didn’t really offer players open world gameplay, instead, it was a series of linear areas with a lot of different paths to traverse. A couple of areas would open out a bit more – but some Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans are hoping that things will be different.

Modern gaming is rife with rich, beautiful open worlds and it’s actually becoming harder and harder for titles to stand out in the genre. However, the game carries the weight of one of the most famous licenses of all time.

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With the tandem partnership of EA and Respawn Entertainment proving to be a successful one, it begs the question, will Star Wars Jedi: Survivor feature an open world to travel around?

cal kestis overlooking lands in star wars survivorRespawn Entertainment

Does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have an open world?

It does appear that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will feature a far greater open world feel to it than Fallen Order did, with numerous worlds giving players a full playground to explore, climb, and find goodies in.

In an extended preview, IGN stated that the planet Koboh is a “vast, open world that sprawls out in every direction.”

It’s not officially confirmed, but it’s unlikely that Koboh will be alone in this regard, and we’d expect Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to feature several other vast open world planets for Cal Kestis to explore.

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Survivor hasn’t done away with some of the linear sections of Fallen Order though, so in that sense, the game isn’t completely open world. There are still sections that will feature one-way systems and concentrated areas of gameplay and specific battles the gameplay wants you to face.

So, like some other games Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is more open world than it is linear, but will still be grounded in certain sections.

That’s all we know about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s open world mechanics, and once we learn more we’ll be sure to update this guide. For more on the game, we have additional guides below:

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