Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay reveals new planet, Battle Droids, & force abilities

Cal Kestis in action in Jedi SurvivorRespawn Entertainment

Nine minutes of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay has arrived and showcases new force mechanics, enemy types, and the reworked lightsaber system.

Jedi Survivor’s first extended gameplay footage is here and it’s clear that the Fallen Order successor is building on everything fans loved about the first title.

From new force abilities, different saber styles, and a litany of fresh enemies, these are the latest highlights of Cal Kestis and BD-1’s journey through a galaxy far, far away.

New Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay breakdown

This early build footage from IGN begins with Kestis exploring Koboh, a planet he crash-landed on prior to the trailer starting. Equal parts mean and serene, this wartorn place gives players a look at the improved graphics of the new title.

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Wildlife abounds here (including boglings, the adorable critters from Fallen Order that were thought to be native to Bogano) and most of it is out for blood. The most imposing of them all is a giant creature that hurls rocks at Cal, forcing him to slow them down and push them away with the force.

Most of the enemy types will be familiar to fans of the predecessor, but some of them come in new packages. B1 and B2 Battle Droids populate much of Koboh the same way that stormtroopers filled the vaulted platforms of Kashyyyk or the winding paths of Zeffo. Likewise, a new Glaive-wielding enemy fills the shoes of Fallen Order’s Scout Troop Commanders.

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Their presence on this planet is marked by a Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship, which was the predominant warship of the Separatist army in the Prequel era.

Even in this short look, it’s clear that the combat system got a large overhaul thanks to the addition of the dual lightsaber option. At one point, Kestis is surrounded by a swarm of hostile creatures and he breaks out both sabers to dispose of them in short order.

This is done with a heavy assist from what looks to be a version of Force Slow, though it’s attached to the new golden hourglass icon at the bottom of the player’s screen.

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That’s not the only combat change though. There are a ton of new animations to pair along with the new saber stance, giving a more dynamic feel to the fighting than before, as well as a few upgrades to familiar Force effects.

The showcase ends with Cal using his Psychometry – the ability which allows him to gain pertinent information from a person, place, or thing thanks to his connection to the Force – confirming that it will continue to play a part in his story.

This may be all we get to see before Jedi: Survivor arrives on April 28, but it’s more than enough to get the hype train built back up after the late delay.

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