Fastest ways to earn XP in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor utilizes a familiar system to the first game when it comes to XP and leveling up. So, if you want to improve Cal and teach him well, you’re going to need XP. Here are some of the fastest ways to earn XP in the game.

Even though Cal Kestis is a seasoned Jedi by this point, there’s still much for him to learn. This is evident in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as our plucky hero has new Stances and abilities to learn.

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To maximize his talents and be an even more potent force, Cal needs to level up. To do so, players must complete missions and various activities to earn Skill Points.

If you want the most effective ways to earn Skill Points by racking up XP fast in the game, then read on for all the best tips.

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How to earn XP fast in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Respawn Entertainment gives Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players multiple ways to earn XP in the game: completing main story missions, scanning the environment, being victorious in combat, and collecting blue crystals.

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For a detailed breakdown of each and every way you can earn XP, we’ve got you covered.

Completing missions in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

As easy as anything on this list, progress through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and finish up the main story missions. You have to anyway if you want to properly finish the game and advance, and the good news is that you will be rewarded with a hefty amount of XP too!

BD-1 points of interest

You need to pay attention to the audio cues of BD-1 throughout Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Your handy robot will make it clear to Cal that there is something that can be scanned nearby.

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BD-1 will jump down off of Cal’s back and run over to the area of interest too, so follow him and press the appropriate action button on your platform to scan and earn a small amount of XP.

Scanning Echoes

While exploring the world of Survivor, you will find glowing blue auras called Echoes. You can scan these remnants of the past and help the Jedi to see and hear visions of what transpired here. Not only do they do a good job of lore building, but they give XP as well.

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Defeating enemies

Another simple one here, but going around and killing the Empire’s forces, Raiders, and general wildlife is encouraged. At the end of a skirmish, the number of opponents defeated and their strength will influence how much XP you receive. Furthermore, the game’s Rest system will respawn all non-boss-type enemies. Meaning you can grind a few times over if you’re desperate to get to that next level.

Find and smash blue crystals

Blue crystals are far rarer than anything else you will discover on this useful list, but it’s imperative that you seek them out. The rewards you can get from them differ from crystal to crystal, but one result is that you will earn a full skill point.

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Needless to say, this is crucial in your bid to become the best version of Cal you can be. They can be very hidden or require some complex platforming. Additionally, they will be the reward for overcoming a Legendary fight or an extremely testing battle.

These are all the ways in which you can earn XP fast and level up Cal much quicker. Hopefully, our tips helped you, and we’ve got plenty more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below:

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