One Piece Millennium 3 codes (April 2023) – How to get free stat resets, Beli & XP boosts

Sam Comrie
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Roblox players can’t get enough of One Piece Millennium 3 – which is inspired by the titular anime — and for April 2023, a new code is available to claim free Beli. 

One Piece, based on the Eiichiro Oda’s manga series, has garnered a loving fanbase in part to its fascinating characters and vibrant world. Now, Roblox players have given the show new life through One Piece Millennium 3, which is available to play now in the ever-popular creation suite.

As players get stuck into the game, they’ll be in need of fresh One Piece Millennium 3 codes to reset their stats and Beli along the way. We’ve put together every code available for April 2023.

Updated April 19, 2023, to confirm code validity.


An image of One Piece Millennium 3 in Roblox
Roblox has hundreds of games to get stuck into.

One Piece Millennium 3 codes in Roblox (April 2023)

There is currently one active code available to redeem in One Piece Millennium 3. This has been checked in-game as of April 19, 2023.

New codes have not been released for a new while now, but if, and when, more codes are made available, we’ll be updating you right here with new releases — so make sure to check back often.

Code Items
JoinRobloxGroup! 6,000,000 Beli

How to redeem One Piece Millennium 3 codes in Roblox

If you’re unsure of how to redeem codes in One Piece Millennium 3, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Boot up One Piece Millennium 3 by pressing the green Play button on the landing page.
  • Click the Twitter icon in the bottom-left of the screen.
  • Enter your desired code.
  • Click ‘Check Code’.
  • If successful your code will be redeemed!
An image of One Piece Millennium 3 showing how to redeem codes
Click the Twitter icon in the bottom-left to redeem your code.

Full list of expired codes

Code Items
12,000,000 Beli
Stat Reset
10,000,000 Beli
5,000,000 Beli
7,000,000 Beli
RoadTo10K! 12,000,000 Beli
LongTimeCode! 14,000,000 Beli
WowCode! 14,000,000 Beli
JoinGroupRewardCode! 10,000,000 Beli
50KLikes 10,000,000 Beli
12MVisits 10,000,000 Beli
Update2 Free Reward
Bossisbickboi! Free Reward
100KMems! Stat Point Reset
TY4200K! Free Reward
EasterTime! 2,000,000 Beli
Bossicool! Free Reward
100KMems! Stat Point Reset
3MilVisits! Stat Point Reset
ReOpen! 2X Experience
EasterEasterHoHo! Free Reward
Bossisepic! Free Reward
LikeGameForCodes! Free Reward
TwoFreeSpins! Free Reward

What are One Piece Millennium 3 codes used for in Roblox?

Codes in the Roblox game are used to reset your in-game stats or claim large amounts of Beli. This will help you on your way to leveling up and getting the most out of the game.

It can also be a way for the developers of the game to celebrate incredible milestones, by giving back to the community.

As new codes continue to be added to the game, we’ll update this page as soon as they’re available. Be sure to check back in with us often!

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