Pokemon Go players blast Halloween Gengar as “Worst Event Costume”

Noelle Corbett
Pokemon Go Halloween 2023 with Gengar and Pikachu in costumes

Pokemon Go players are ridiculing a new costumed Gengar from this year’s Halloween event for its strange and confusing design.

Like in years past, Pokemon Go celebrates Halloween with new costumed Pokemon. Previous designs include Pokemon dressed as other Pokemon or wearing seasonal accessories like witch hats.

However, one of this year’s costumed Pokemon is turning heads for the wrong reasons.

Tricks and Treats Gengar seems almost universally despised thanks to a bizarre costume that’s left some fans confused and others accusing Niantic of laziness.

Pokemon Go players can’t tell what Tricks and Treats Gengar is supposed to be

In a Reddit post, user CuboneClique called Tricks and Treats Gengar the “Worst Event Costume.” “It straight up just looks like they glued trash to its face and head,” the OP wrote.

Another user clarified that this version of the Generation 1 Ghost/Poison-type is meant to be a sushi chef. The basis for the design is the Gengar Wearing Chef Costume plush sold on the Pokemon Center website. This explains the onigiri and hat the Pokemon is wearing.

However, unlike the plush, Pokemon Go’s Gengar is missing the robe that makes it clear what it’s supposed to be.

Some have speculated that Niantic attempted to put Gengar in the full outfit. However, it had trouble keeping the garment from clipping through the character model.

Still, others have accused Niantic of laziness for not finding a way to pull off the design and instead releasing a Gengar that, as one commenter put it, “Looks like he works at good burger.”

This also isn’t the first time Niantic’s costumes have been criticized. Earlier this year, many called out “lazy” Summer costumes, and this year’s “bizarre” Halloween costumes for trainers also raised some eyebrows.

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