Pokemon Go players reveal which ‘mons make them “deeply uncomfortable”

Em Stonham

While some Pokemon designs are adorable or badass, others can be a little off-putting. Pokemon Go players took to social media lately to trash the ‘mons they have “unreasonable hate” for.

What’s your favorite Pokemon? Some Pokemon have incredible concepts behind them but others can be a little unsettling. Pokemon Go players tore into their least favorite creature designs in r/pokemongo recently, kickstarting a debate about what the worst Pokemon design of all time is.

In this Reddit post, a Pokemon Go player tore into their least favorite Pokemon, using Lickitung as an example and referring to it as “a slimy piece of chewed up bubblegum”. They then asked other players to share which Pokemon they had “unreasonable hate” for in the replies.

The other Pokemon Go players in the comments did not disappoint. Out of all the replies, the most commonly trashed ‘mons included the Quaquaval line, Mr. Mime, and Munna.

Electrode was also mentioned, with one reader noting, “Electrode looks like he would bully me….that smug grin and snarky eyebrow….”

One person commented, “the one with the literal snot hanging out of its nose, that it sucks in and out. baby beartic whatever its called.” Another replied to this, suggesting they may mean Cubchoo, and the commenter confirmed “thats the little heathen!”

Another mentioned (controversially) Pikachu, mentioning how boring it was to always see endless variants of the electric critter. They complained, ” We get it, it’s the mascot. It’s been like 10 generations now, please just pick a new mascot” and other fans seemed inclined to agree.

With the sheer volume of Pokemon that exist, it’s safe to say that every Pokemon is someone’s favorite – but that every Pokemon is someone’s least favorite, too. It’ll be interesting to see what the community thinks of any new designs or Megas we get next year with Pokemon Legends Z-A.

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