New Pokemon Go Necrozma cosmetic dubbed the “best outfit ever”

Ethan Dean
Pokemon Go Necrozma Outfit

The Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024 event is about to kick off and fans have their hearts set on a new Necrozma outfit as the top addition.

Annual events don’t get much bigger than Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024, if you have a feverish desire to catch ‘em all that is.

The incoming celebration of all things Pokemon Go is bringing new Special Research Challenges, A Global Challenge Arena with bonuses for teamwork, increased Shiny odds, and more. You’ll have to decide for yourself if all that warrants buying a ticket.

One thing that won’t require a ticket is a brand-new outfit inspired by the legendary Necrozma. In a Reddit thread on r/TheSilphRoad, players fawned over the new cosmetics that made up the set.

In a change of pace from the usual complaints about new additions to Pokemon Go, this Necrozma outfit has inspired some praise. The fit looks to be inspired by the techwear trend of the late 2010s and it’s appealing to a wide range of the player base.

“Everyone is always b**ching on Niantic (which is not weird whatsoever) but that Necrozma outfit is one of the best outfits ever released,” one player said. “Gotta give them props for that.”

Even fans reticent to contribute to the game’s microtransactions have been forced to admit that the outfit has the sauce. “The Necrozma outfit is wicked cool,” one conceded. “I’m not gonna buy it because NO, but they are wicked cool.”

“The Pokémon goths are finally eating good,” another Pokemon trainer said in reference to the outfit. A limited Marshadow T-Shirt may also appeal to Pokemon Go fans who consider themselves steeped in darkness.

Both Marshadow and Necrozma are the focal points of Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024’s Special Research Challenges. It makes sense that both would get some themed attire to get players excited for the event.