Pokemon Go players reveal nightmare “instant transfer” catches they absolutely can’t stand

Em Stonham
Cubchoo from Pokemon anime.

Some Pokemon, like Charizard and the Eeveelutions, have legions of fans around the world and a mountain of merchandise with their faces on it. Others, however, are not so lucky and often face the ire of the community – especially when it comes to Pokemon Go.

Whether it’s due to their lack of PvP potential, irritating frequency in hatched Eggs, or simply due to their off-putting designs, some Pokemon receive a lot of hate from the Pokemon Go community.

Players unveiled their top picks for ‘mons that they “irrationally” hate in a discussion on the Pokemon Go Subreddit, sharing anecdotes of how their least favorite Pocket Monsters haunt their Pokemon Go accounts. A few surprising picks were frequently spotted throughout the thread.

The person behind the initial post picked Watchog as their least favorite ‘mon, slamming the Lookout Pokemon as “weird, creepy, disgusting” and noting that they immediately transfer any Watchog they catch to the Professor while playing.

Another Pokemon Go player mentioned Hitmontop, stating, “Hitmontop’s perpetual and unsolicited dancing makes me extremely uncomfortable.” Other players were inclined to agree, with one joking, “Doesn’t help that it stares straight into your soul”.

Some ‘mons were mentioned simply for being gross. One player pointed out, “Cubchoo. Snot drips gross me out,” and another pointed out Quaquaval’s “hot dog toes” as being quite off-putting.

Other players dislike certain Pokemon due to irritating catching experiences, such as being too fast to throw Poke Balls at. Examples include Yanma, Zubat, and Zapdos, with one fan simply pleading for Yanma to stop moving around.

Other Pokemon Go fans focused on PvP as a key reason for their least favorite Pokemon, with one person saying, “Playing PvP enough has led me to despise Stunfisk with a burning passion.” Stunfisk was especially battered in this discussion, with one player slamming it by saying, “Stunfisk, especially when they hatch from an egg.”

Eggs are a particularly sore topic for the Pokemon Go community the vast majority of the time, especially with the upcoming Scorching Steps event centering on the controversial mechanic.

To keep an eye on in-game events (and avoid running into your least favorite Pokemon), make sure to check out our events hub for Pokemon Go. There’s a lot to look forward to this year as a Pokemon Go player, with a wide variety of rare encounters to chase down.