Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for ruining Pikachu

Josh Taylor
Pokemon Pikachu

Pokemon Go players have been hitting out at Niantic after they had enough of the developers making Pikachu not worth catching in the game.

Pikachu, to nobody’s surprise, has been featured in Pokemon Go since the beginning. However, the community has been increasingly getting sick of seeing the iconic pocket monster, with many even avoiding catching it completely.

Pokemon Go player TheLastStoryTold complained: “No Niantic, I don’t want another Pikachu with another hat. Honestly, Niantic has made Pickachu the most lackluster Pokemon for me. I don’t even catch one when I see it anymore.”

That top comment highlighted that they “can’t even evolve,” as a fellow trainer responded: “This is the biggest crime. Raichu is my favorite so I enjoy collecting the hat Pikachus when they can actually evolve!”

Another added: “Once in a blue moon, they can. I have 16 different types of event Pikachu in my Pokédex, and 4 types of event Raichu. But yeah, it’s so annoying.” Another stated that the “Detective one from back in October was cool because it could, but beyond that I don’t think I’ve gotten one since.”

More mocked Niantic, “What about a Pikachu with a hat.. on its tail? Go ahead Niantic, that one’s a freebie on me.” One trainer simply summed up the issue by stating: “Hat Pokemon in general are annoying. Can’t be sent to Home, most can’t evolve, and most don’t look good.”

Some trainers did admit they “really like Captain Pikachu” and other Pika variations, but overall players called for the developers to add new and better costumes for different Pokemon. “Most of the costumed Pokemon that aren’t Pikachu are random Pokemon with flower crowns and that’s boring,” one said.

Various trainers offered up their suggestions they would want to see. These included popular suggestions of “Cowboy hat Caterpie,” “Spiky-eared Pichu,” “Ekans with a silly scarf,” “Litleo with a Pyroar mask,” ” Dunsparce with a cape,” and much more.