How to make Swap Snacks & complete Request 54 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has tons of helpful crafting recipes like the Swap Snacks players get from Request 54. Here’s how to complete the request and craft Swap Snacks for your Pokemon team.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has tons of craftables that trainers can unlock throughout their journey through the Hisui region.

From craftable Pokeballs to Pokemon cake lures, each crafting item has some valuable purpose in the wild.

One craftable item, the Swap Snack, is incredibly useful in battle but is locked behind a request. Here’s how players can complete Request 54: Serving Up Swap Snacks and craft their Swap Snack to use in battle.

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How to unlock Request 54: Serving up Swap Snacks

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Bonn at the Candy Shop will offer players Request 54 after earning Basculegion’s trust.

As is the case with many of Pokemon Legends Arceus’ requests, there is a prerequisite players need to meet first.

To unlock Request 54: Serving up Swap Snacks trainers will need to unlock the Cobalt Coastlands and unlock Basculegion as a ride Pokemon.

After you have unlocked Basculegion, head back to Jubilife Village and speak to Bonn in front of the Candy Shop at least once.

If players have already spoken to Bonn once, he should be ready to give out Request 54: Serving Up Swap Snacks.

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How to complete Request 54 and craft Swap Snacks

pokemon legends arceus swap snacks recipeSwap Snacks can be crafted with one Candy Truffle, a Softfoot Root, a Springy Mushroom, and a Hopo Berry.

Bonn will ask players to collect a Softfoot Root, a Spring Mushroom, and a Hopo Berry to give to him.

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Luckily, these are the exact items that you will need to craft Swap Snacks in the future.

You will likely already have the necessary ingredients from exploring Hisui, but if not here are a few helpful tips for farming each item:

  • Softfoot Root – Destroy the haystacks throughout the Crismon Mirelands.
  • Springy Mushroom – Found around trees at Nature’s Pantry in the Obsidian Fieldlands or the wooded area north of the first base camp in the Crimson Mirelands.
  • Hopo Berry – collected from yellow berry trees throughout the Crimson Mirelands.
  • Additionally, Softfoot Root and Springy Mushrooms can be purchased from Anvin at the Craftworks shop, while Hopo berries can be purchased from Tuli of the Ginkgo Guild.

After you collect one of each item, bring them back to Bonn.

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Completing Request 54 will earn players the Swap Snack crafting recipe.

Bronn will then give trainers one Swap Snack as well as the crafting recipe for Swap Snacks.

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Giving a Pokemon Swap Snacks in battle will swap the Pokemon’s Attack/Special Attack stats with its Defense/Special Defense stats, which can prove invaluable on the right Pokemon.

That’s everything players need to know about Swap Snacks and completing Request 34: Serving Up Swap Snacks in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Check out some of our other Pokemon Legends Arceus guides below:

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