Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade: Most expensive cards

Em Stonham
Greninja and ACE SPEC card with Pokemon anime background.

There are some valuable chase cards for Pokemon TCG players to keep an eye on in Twilight Masquerade, ranging from stunning full art pieces to heavy hitters that could change the competitive meta. It’s the perfect set for collectors, with over 200 cards to choose from and a variety of interesting art styles.

To help you find the most valuable cards to add to your collection, we’ve picked out the top pieces from the expansion set. Some of these feature fan-favorite Pokemon and others feature popular characters from the Scarlet & Violet DLC, so there’s a solid mix to pick from.

Here are the most expensive Twilight Masquerade cards to watch out for right now, using TCGPlayer, Card Market, and eBay data.

9. Hisuian Growlithe (181/167) and Perrin (220/167)

Hisuian Growlithe and Perrin Pokemon cards.
Hisuian Growlithe (181/167) Pokemon card and Perrin (220/167) Pokemon card.

It is technically cheating to include two cards as one entry — but just look at them. These cards go together perfectly, with Hisuian Growlithe’s adorable face in Perrin’s camera reflection and Perrin’s sneakers being trodden on by fluffy paws.

Neither card is particularly spectacular in terms of competitive viability – with Hisuian Growlithe having a self-damaging Attack and Perrin allowing for a small amount of card movement – but they’re fan-favorite chase cards right now, thanks to their memorable designs.

8. Unfair Stamp ACE SPEC (165/167)

Unfair Stamp ACE SPEC Pokemon card.
Unfair Stamp ACE SPEC (165/167) Pokemon card.

There are 5 ACE SPEC cards to get your hands on in the Twilight Masquerade set, and Unfair Stamp is already standing out from the crowd thanks to its overpowered Ability.

ACE SPEC cards are always extremely powerful — that’s why you can only have one per deck — but being able to change the tides of battle after a Knock Out by cutting your opponent’s hand in half is ridiculous. It has huge competitive potential, and it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

On top of this, the artwork is intriguing, too. The bright pink aesthetic of the ACE SPEC border clashes with the neon reds and greens, making for an eye-popping addition to any binder.

7. Dragapult ex (200/167)

Dragapult Pokemon card.
Dragapult ex (120/101) Pokemon card.

While the Tera artwork on this Dragapult ex is undoubtedly eye-catching, this card is valuable right now thanks to its competitive viability and power.

The Mask of Change version of this card has been destroying local tournaments in Japan, and it’s steadily increasing in popularity, which is why it’s one to watch as a competitive player. The 200-damage Attack also allows for good Damage Counter movement, and the high HP pool is a handy bonus alongside this.

Currently, this card is sitting comfortably in the realm of $30 on most resale platforms, but if it continues to perform well competitively, this will likely spike. Some players are theorizing that it could be a good answer to Charizard ex decks.

6. Lana’s Aid (219/167)

Lana's Aid Pokemon card.
Lana’s Assistance (093/066) Pokemon card.

Full art cards that show a glimpse of the Pokemon world in action are always going to be a hit with Pokemon card collectors. This piece featuring Lana, Surskit, and Corphish is a perfect example of a slice-of-life card, and it’s already being sold for around $45 on some resale platforms.

The competitive viability here is fine enough, letting you put up to 3 non-Rule Box Pokemon from your Discard Pile back into your hand. The real value comes from the fact that a popular character is on the card, though, and that the artwork itself is almost painterly in nature.

5. Teal Mask Ogerpon ex and Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex

Teal Mask and Wellspring Mask Ogerpon cards.
Teal Mask Ogerpon ex (211/167) Pokemon card and Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex (127/101) Pokemon card.

If you’re an Ogerpon fan, it’s your time to shine. Twilight Masquerade has a lot of Ogerpon cards to look forward to, and these two Ultra Rares are currently ahead of the pack in terms of competitive viability and artistic value.

Teal Mask Ogerpon ex is sitting at around $45-60 and Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex can be found from anywhere between $30-90, depending on your chosen platform, quality, and seller. These two pieces of artwork are truly striking, capturing Ogerpon’s personality and style from the game.

Teal Mask’s Attack and Ability work in perfect harmony together, giving you plenty of Energy freedom and taking advantage of how Grass-centric Twilight Masquerade is. Wellspring Mask’s Attacks allow for Benched Damage and prevents retreating, making it a formidable opponent.

4. Buddy-Buddy Poffin

Buddy-Buddy Poffin Pokemon card.
Buddy-Buddy Poffin (223/167) Pokemon card.

While Pokemon-centric and character-focused cards tend to be the heavy hitters from Pokemon TCG expansion sets, some Item cards can end up as valuable collector’s pieces.

This Hyper Rare iteration of the popular Buddy-Buddy Poffin card is currently performing exceedingly well on multiple resale platforms, with some sellers pricing high-quality versions in the realms of $50-60 at the time of writing.

This card is exceedingly popular with competitive players, giving them an easy deck search that can help build up Evolved Pokemon quickly. While the card is useful, the value is undoubtedly boosted by the striking, sparkly aesthetic, too.

3. Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex (216/167)

Bloodmoon Ursaluna Pokemon card.
Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex (091/066) Pokemon card.

The Special Illustration Rare of Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex is one of the heavy hitters from the Twilight Masquerade expansion set. Not only is it a powerful card, but several resale platforms are already pricing it within the realm of $60-80 right now.

One of the striking things about this card is that its Ability lowers the Energy cost of its extremely strong Attack. The 240-damage Attack costs 1 Energy less for every Prize Card your opponent has taken, making it a useful card for evening the score in tricky matches.

Alongside this, the artwork shows a different side to Bloodmoon Ursaluna. Typically portrayed as a ferocious and terrifying Pokemon, this card shows the ‘mon peacefully co-existing alongside other fan favorites like Teddiursa and Munchlax.

2. Carmine (217/167)

Carmine Pokemon card.
Carmine (130/101) Pokemon card.

This Carmine full art gem has been drumming up a lot of hype ever since it was revealed and it remains a fan-favorite. Full art Supporter cards almost always do well in terms of value, especially if they’re as well-designed as this particular card. It’s vibrant and lively, with an almost photo-realistic depth to it.

Carmine is an exceptionally popular character in the community right now, which would explain why this card is already topping the charts of most resale platforms at the time of writing this article.

The design also perfectly matches the cheery festival theme, paying homage to Kitakami and the story of the Scarlet & Violet DLC. It’s not a particularly valuable card in terms of competitive viability — the art and design are what sells it.

1. Greninja ex (214/167)

Greninja Pokemon card.
Greninja ex (214/167) Pokemon card.

Finally, the card that’s dominating the resale market right now is Greninja ex (214/167). This kaleidoscope of a card has strong appeal for both competitive players and art collectors, combining a strong, psychedelic color scheme with powerful Attacks.

Some Pokemon TCG fans believe Greninja is gearing up to be the next Charizard, as it’s starting to get featured on a number of high-profile cards, like the new woodblock piece from Shrouded Fable.

The combination of Shinobi Blade and Mirage Barrage make this a formidable card for competitive matches. Mirage Barrage can take down multiple opponents at once and Shinobi Blade has utility alongside a heavy-hitting attack.

All in all, Twilight Masquerade is looking like it could completely shake up the Pokemon TCG scene, both in terms of valuable cards and competitive decks. We may even see some Charizard ex counters from the vast list of Ogerpon cards on offer, which could completely shift the current meta.

To keep in the loop with the latest Pokemon TCG updates, make sure to take a look at our Night Wanderer and Shrouded Fable guides. These expansion sets are next in line for the Pokemon TCG and they’re looking incredible so far.

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