Pokemon TCG player pulls astounding double miscut

Em Stonham
Iron Leaves Pokemon card with rip in the middle and video game background.

Pulling a miscut Pokemon card is always a strange experience as a collector. Misshapen, badly printed, and jagged cards may seem like a waste of ink, but they can actually run up a high value in the Pokemon TCG collectors community.

The value of miscut Pokemon cards comes from two things – how cool they look and how rare they are. If you find a slightly misaligned card from a current set, you may be able to get it graded and sell it. But if you find an error card or a wickedly jagged card with a color bar, you may be sitting on a goldmine.

A Pokemon TCG collector recently stumbled upon not one but two incredible miscut cards, sharing them with other fans online recently. In the comments, they elaborated on the insane find, saying that they’d actually pulled a third miscut card that fit next to the second – making this immensely rare.

Other Pokemon TCG collectors were astounded by this triptych of rare finds, with one person declaring, “Awesome find! That Iron Leaves is a special one, colorbar miscuts are rare.” Another encouraged OP to sell the cards, saying how valuable they could be.

The post even ended up summoning the user Regigigagod, who is known in the community for being a huge fan of miscut cards, error cards, and other rare oddities. Regigigagod was excited about the rare finds, saying, “Ooooh yeah those are awesome!! Love the colorbar.”

If you end up pulling a miscut card from a Pokemon Booster Pack, it’s always worth having a look online to see if anyone else has found the same sort of card before. This can give you an idea of what it might be worth and whether you should sleeve it before adding it to your binder.

If you’re keen on selling a miscut card, make sure to check out our grading guide. Getting a miscut or misprint graded professionally can help make the sale process a lot smoother and sometimes help with getting a fairer price, too – especially if you’re handling a rare card.