How to get Turtonator in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?

Daniel Megarry
pokemon go turtonator

The Alolan Fire/Dragon-type Turtonator is coming back to Pokemon Go Raid battles, so here’s all you need to know to add this mighty turtle to your collection.

Turtonator was introduced to the Pokemon franchise in Gen 7’s Alola region and debuted in Pokemon Go in June 2023, as part of the Dark Flames event.

Though tricky to find, the fearsome Blast Turtle Pokemon can be a good addition to any team. So, here are all the details to catch Turtonator in Pokemon Go, including details on its comeback as a Raid boss and Shiny availability.


pokemon turtonator

How to get Turtonator in Pokemon Go

Even though Turtonator has been a part of Pokemon Go for almost a year, this creature can be hard to find as it doesn’t spawn in the wild.

Currently, there are only two ways trainers can find Turtonator in Niantic’s game:

  • As a hatch from 10 km Eggs
  • As a Tier 3 Raid boss

Thanks to the upcoming Ultra Space Wonders event, Turtonator will return to 3-Star Raid battles from May 23, 2024, until May 28, 2024, so players will have plenty of chances to challenge, defeat, and capture it.

Previously, players were able to get Turtonator as a reward for completing Field Research Tasks like “Win 3 raids: Dark Flames” or Special/Timed Research Tasks such as “Lunar New Year: Dragons Unleashed – 2nd part: Power up 15 Dragon-type Pokemon”.

Can Turtonator be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Turtonator can be Shiny in Pokemon Go as this special variation was added to the game on the same day the Pokemon debuted.

The difference between a regular Turtonator and a Shiny Turtonator is that the red body parts become brown, giving it an underwhelming look.

pokemon go turtonator shiny turtonator

Remember that the chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon are very low, so it’s really just a case of challenging as many Turtonator as you can and hoping for the best.

Pokemon Go Turtonator stats, moves, resistances & weaknesses

As a dual Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon, Turtonator has the following stats:


Turtonator Fast Moves

  • Ember (Fire/STAB)
  • Fire Spin (Fire/STAB)
  • Incinerate (Fire/STAB)

Turtonator Charged Moves

  • Flamethrower (Fire/STAB)
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon/STAB)
  • Overheat (Fire/STAB)
  • Flash Cannon (Steel)

Turtonator resistances

Turtonator weaknesses

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