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How to get Candy XL in Pokemon Go: New bonus update explained

Published: 11/Mar/2021 22:34 Updated: 11/Mar/2021 22:35

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go’s Candy XL update is live, and players can now easily get their hands on the precious resource to level their Pokemon up to the level 50 cap.  Here is everything you need to know about the new bonus feature, and how to obtain it.

In December 2020, Pokemon Go rolled out its massive Beyond update which raised the Trainer level cap to 50. The major overhaul also meant that ‘mon could also be raised to a much higher CP as well. To make it easier to power up the level 40 characters, Niantic made Candy XL available.

The only problem was, it was extremely difficult to find the rare items. Now, a new March 11 patch has overhauled the game and changed the way the Candy is collected, even making it guaranteed in certain situations. Here’s how you can get your hands on the valuable resource.


Screenshot of Rare Candy XL in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The precious resource is now guaranteed in the March 2021 update.

Pokemon Go XL Candy update explained

Prior to the update, XL Candy was pretty much random with how it was dropped. As of March 11, the rare items are actually now guaranteed in several scenarios, making it far easier for Trainers to get their strongest Pokemon to the maximum level.

One of the main ways that users can scoop up the highly-sought after Candy is by simply just catching Pokemon. In particular, Legendary ‘mon in raids will now score you the resource should you catch the rare creatures.

For example, if you use Meltan’s box item to spawn them, you will now get a XL Candy specific to the Steel-type.  Literally every time you catch the monster, you will be guaranteed Candy.  The amount you get will also depend on the rarity of the character. Below we will go over how you can get XL Candy and their drop rates.


How to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go

Catching Pokemon

  • Base Pokemon: Random chance
  • 2nd evolution: 1x Candy XL (up to four)
  • 3rd evolution: 2x Candy XL (up to five)
  • Legendary/Mythical: 3x Candy XL (up to six)

Other methods

  • Trading
  • Buddy Pokemon can find them
  • Evolving Pokemon

Guaranteed XL for mythical and legendary Pokémon seems to be live. Every meltan in this box has given me at least 3 xl candy, including this level 1 meltan I screenshot from TheSilphRoad

This new change is a pretty substantial one, especially for Trainers looking to level up their ‘mon alongside the level 50 cap. It also changes the way players catch Legendaries. Up to this point, most players would use Pinap Berries. Now it makes more sense to use a Golden Raspberry as XL Candy is guaranteed once they are caught and more valuable.

While fans of the hit mobile title are not always pleased with updates pushed out by Niantic, we doubt many will complain about this one. At its core, it makes powering up Pokemon much easier. Not to mention, it also gives the community more incentive to participate in raids, events as well as connecting with others to trade.