How to get Rare Candy in Pokemon Go


Rare Candy in Pokemon Go are just as rare as they say, so getting them can be a pretty difficult task. Here’s everything you need to know about the elusive little sweets, including how to get them, what they do, and what Pokemon to give them to.

One of the best feelings in Pokemon Go is finally getting enough of those candies to that Pokemon you’ve been grinding so hard to get.

While Spotlight Hours offer the perfect chance to farm candies for the Pokemon that are amplified, you’re reliant on luck to get the specific Pokemon you are looking for.

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That’s where Rare Candies come in, but they’re not exactly the easiest thing to acquire. So, here’s everything you need to know about the elusive little sweets, including what they do, how to get them, and how best to use them.

Pokemon eatingThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon can be pretty difficult to please when it comes to their food!

Rare Candy explained in Pokemon Go

Just as in the mainstream video games, Rare Candies are collectible items that can be used to level up a Pokemon by one level.

In Pokemon Go, if you give your Pokemon one, it automatically turns into one of that Pokemon’s original candy. So, if you give a Charmander a Rare Candy, it magically transforms into Charmander candy.

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They can also be used on Legendary Pokemon, so keep this in mind if you fancy showing off the power of your Legendaries to your friends.

How to get Rare Candy in Pokemon Go

As the name suggests, you can’t just go to the store and pick up some of these elusive rainbow sweets. Instead, you need to be ready to grind to snag as many as you can.

Here’s the best ways to get a Rare Candy in Pokemon Go:

  1. Raids – Rare Candies are normally a prize for winning raid battles, so it’s worth grabbing a team and hitting a few raids every day.
    • Bosses will drop between 1 – 3 candies.
  2. PvP Battles – Getting those sweet Ws on other trainers aren’t just great for bragging rights. Winning trainer battles also drop Rare Candies from both basic and premium tracks.
  3. Field Research Tasks – Field Research will also drop Rare Candies, so make sure you’re doing relevant tasks.

How to use Rare Candy

Pokemon Go Rare CandyThe Pokemon Company
If you snag a rare Pokemon, they’re probably the best ones to feed rare candies to!

You don’t get a second chance if you use your candies on a Pokemon that doesn’t really need them, so make sure you’re being strategic with which Pokemon you feed.

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The best Pokemon to give Rare Candies to are:

  • Pokemon that you’ve only seen once: these are pretty rare so you’re unlikely to find lots of candies for them.
  • Pokemon that have long walk times: If you’ve got a stubborn Pokemon, it’s worth using a few rare candies to boost their level. After all, the best Pokemon usually need longer walks!
  • Pokemon with good IVs and movesets: Don’t waste your candy on poor IV Pokemon. Make sure you use them on your best fighters.

So that’s everything you need to know about Rare Candies in Pokemon Go. For all of the latest Pokemon Go news, as well as a whole host of guides, be sure to check out our dedicated Pokemon Go hub.