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Pokemon Go type chart: Strengths, weaknesses, resistance, vulnerability

Published: 11/Jan/2021 13:16 Updated: 5/Apr/2021 17:07

by Paul Cot


Every pocket monster in Pokemon Go has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are every single Pokemon type resistances, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

Any Pokemon trainer who has battled in Game Freak’s monster battling series will know that certain types hold an advantage over others. For example, fire is strong against grass, psychic against fighting, and electric against water. These are just a few examples of how the type advantages work.

However, many trainers often overlook the full picture when it comes to type effectiveness. This is particularly true when Niantic adds new creatures to Pokemon Go. Our Pokemon Go Type chart should help to clear up any confusion and help you win more competitive battles in no time.


Pokemon Go battle definitions

Before you check out the Pokemon Go strength and weakness type chart below, make sure you’re aware of the following definitions:

  • Strengths: Which type of Pokemon an attack of x type is strong against – i.e. electric against water.
  • Weaknesses: Which type of Pokemon an attack of x type is weak against – i.e. grass against fire.
  • Resistances: What types type x receive less damage from – i.e. dragon against fairy.
  • Vulnerabilities: What types type x receive more damage from – i.e. steel against ice.

Pokemon Go type strength and weakness chart

Here is the full table showing what each Pokemon Go type is strong against, weak against, resistant to, and vulnerable to:

Type Strong Against Weak Against Resistant To Vulnerable To
Grass Ground, Rock, Water Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, Steel Electric, Grass, Ground, Water Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Psychic Fighting, Poison Dark, Psychic, Steel Fighting, Psychic Bug, Dark, Ghost
Fire Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel Ground, Rock, Water
Electric Flying, Water Dragon, Electric, Grass, Ground Electric, Flying, Steel Ground
Fairy Dark, Dragon, Fighting Fire, Poison, Steel Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fighting Poison, Steel
Fighting Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel Bug, Fairy, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Psychic Bug, Dark, Rock Fairy, Flying, Psychic
Dragon Dragon Fairy, Steel Electric, Fire, Grass, Water Dragon, Fairy, Ice
Flying Bug, Fighting, Grass Electric, Rock, Steel Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ground Electric, Ice, Rock
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Dark, Normal Bug, Fighting, Normal, Poison Dark, Ghost
Bug Dark, Grass, Psychic Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel Fighting, Grass, Ground Fire, Flying, Rock
Ground Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel Bug, Flying, Grass Electric, Poison, Rock Grass, Ice, Water
Ice Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground Fire, Ice, Steel, Water Ice Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Normal Ghost, Rock, Steel Ghost Fighting
Poison Fairy, Grass Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock, Steel Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Poison Ground, Psychic
Dark Ghost, Psychic Dark, Fairy, Fighting Dark, Ghost, Psychic Bug, Fairy, Fighting
Water Fire, Ground, Rock Dragon, Grass, Water Fire, Ice, Steel, Water Electric, Grass
Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Electric, Fire, Steel, Water Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel Fighting, Fire, Ground
Rock Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Ground, Steel Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water

Interestingly, Niantic opted to include no type immunities in Pokemon Go. For example, in the mainline games, ghost-types are immune to normal-type attacks — this isn’t the case in Pokemon Go.

Effectiveness multiplier

Just how effective a Pokemon’s move is depends on the game itself. Type advantages in Pokemon Sword and Shield are generally more pronounced, with effective attacks being twice as strong.


Pokemon Go has a smaller multiplier when it comes to typings. However, this does not discount how important the selection of your Pokemon is before a battle. You can gain a massive advantage if you’re aware of the weaknesses and strengths of certain types.

Pokemon Go multipliers

The multipliers for Pokemon Go are as follows:

  • Super effective against two types: 2.56x
  • Super effective attacks: 1.6x
  • Not very effective attacks: 0.625x
  • Not very effective against two types: 0.391x
pokestgo.clChart showing how effective each type of Pokemon is against each other in Pokemon Go…

Another difference between Pokemon Go and other games is multiple typings affect damage even further. If a species is weak to two of an opponent’s types then the multiplier effect would be halved again, as seen by the 0.391 multiplier.

The same applies to a Pokemon being effective against both a species’ types. An example of this is an electric-type versus Gyarados as it is a dual water and flying-type – two types which are weak against electric.


Taking the time to learn which Pokemon are strong and weak against other types can often give you the edge needed to swing even the toughest fights in your favor. On top of this, familiarizing yourself with Pokemon Go’s types will help you in Raid Battles, while also speeding up the process of acquiring those all-important PokeCoins.

There you have it, every Pokemon Go type strength and weaknesses. Make sure you check out our Pokemon Go hub for all the latest news and updates.