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Pokemon Go Shop: Items, prices, box changes (November 2020)

Published: 2/Nov/2020 16:53 Updated: 9/Nov/2020 13:32

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go Shop sells various items, upgrades, boxes of bundled goods – even cosmetics. The prices and items themselves are always changing and you can find the updated list below.

How to earn and buy PokeCoins

Firstly, for those who don’t know, you can access by clicking the main menu (the PokeBall in the center) and then clicking shop. The amount of PokeCoins you have to spend is shown at the very top.

PokeCoins can be earned by defending gyms. You can one PokeCoin for every 10 minutes you are defending one, at a maximum rate of 50 in a 24 hour period.

They can also be purchased at rate of 100 per $1. They also become better value the more you buy, which is shown in the list below. North America have a better deal here though, as, for example, 550 PokeCoins cost $4.99 but also £4.99 in the UK. Sorry to break that to you, UK trainers.

Pokemon Go Shop Items Box
The “Limited Time Only” boxes are frequently changing…

Special offers – Limited time only boxes

There are always limited only boxes in the Pokemon Go Shop. These are several items that you can buy in one box, which work out a lot cheaper than buying them individually.

These are always being changed but the current boxes include the following:

  • Starter Box – $2.99/£2.99 – One time only: 3x Premium Battle Pass, 3x Super Incubator, 30x Poke Ball, 3x Lucky Egg
  • Ultra Box – 1,480 PokeCoins: 16x Premium Battle Pass, 4x Super Incubator, 4x Incense and 4x Lucky Egg
  • Adventure Box – 1,480 PokeCoins: 16x Super Incubator, 4x Star Piece, 4x Incense and 2x Egg Incubator
  • Special Box – 480 PokeCoins: 2x Premium Battle Pass, 2x Super Incubator, 2x Incense and 20x Poke Ball
  • Remote Raid Pass – FREE – One time only: – 1x Remote Raid Pass
  • Daily Free Box – FREE – 2x Poke Ball, 2x Potion

Item list

You can also purchase an array of items individually. While these prices have been known to change, they invariably stay the same. Those items are as follows:

    • Remote Raid Pass – 100 PokeCoins: Pass to join a Raid Battle remotely
    • 3 Remote Raid Passes – 250 PokeCoins
    • Premium Battle Pass – 100 PokeCoins: A pass that can be used to join a Raid Battle
    • Egg Incubator – 150 PokeCoins: Incubates an Egg as you walk until its ready to hatch, breaks after 3 uses
    • Super Incubator – 200 PokeCoins: Same as Egg Incubator but hatches eggs 33% quicker
    • Poffin – 100 PokeCoins: Fed to your buddy which will make it happily join you on the map for an extended duration
    • 20 Poke Balls – 100 PokeCoins: Basic ball used to catch Pokemon
    • 100 Poke Balls – 460 PokeCoins
    • 200 Poke Balls – 800 PokeCoins
    • Incense – 40 PokeCoins: Lures wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes
    • 8 Incense – 250 PokeCoins
    • Star Piece – 100 PokeCoins: A small shard of a beautiful gem. Earns 50% more Stardust for 30 minutes
    • 8 Star Pieces – 640 PokeCoins
    • 10 Max Potions – 200 PokeCoins: Completely restore the HP of one Pokemon
    • Lucky Egg – 80 PokeCoins: Earns you double XP for 30 minutes
    • 8 Lucky Eggs – 500 PokeCoins
    • 6 Max Revives – 180 PokeCoins: Fully revives fainted Pokemon to their maximum HP
    • Glacial Lure Module – 200 PokeCoins: Frosty Lure Module that attracts more Pokemon to you for 30 minutes and can cause evolution
    • Mossy Lure Module – 200 PokeCoins: Natural Lure Module that attracts more Pokemon to you for 30 minutes and can cause evolution
    • Magnetic Lure Module – 200 PokeCoins: Electronic Lure Module that attracts more Pokemon to you for 30 minutes and can cause evolution
    • Lure Module – 100 PokeCoins: A Module that can be put on a PokeStop and attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – other Pokemon Go players benefit too
    • 8 Lure Modules – 680 PokeCoins



Upgrades are different to items whereby you retain the benefit of them going forward. There are currently three upgrades in Pokemon Go which are as follows:

      • Item Bag – 200 PokeCoins: Increases the maximum number of items you can carry by 50
      • Pokemon Storage – 200 PokeCoins: Increases the maximum number of Pokemon you can store by 50
      • Team Medallion – 1,000 PokeCoins: Allows you to change team (Instinct, Mystic or Valor) – can only be purchased once every 365 days
Pokemon Go Money
Nintendo Life
You can just buy PokeCoins with real money…


To buy any of the above you need PokeCoins. These are in the in-game currency for the Pokemon Go Shop.

You can currently only earn these in the game by defending gyms and even when doing that it can be time-consuming to build up a large stash. Alternatively, you can buy them with real money, though. Let’s take a look at the cost:

      • 100 PokeCoins – $0.99 (£0.79)
      • 550 PokeCoins – $4.99 (£4.99)
      • 1,200 PokeCoins – $9.99 (£9.99)
      • 2,500 PokeCoins – $19.99 (£19.99)
      • 5,200 PokeCoins – $39.99 (£38.99)
      • 14,500 PokeCoins – $99.99 (£99.99)

This page will be updated as and when prices change or new items arrive in the Pokemon Go Shop. All prices have been obtained directly from the Pokemon Go app. Check out our Pokemon tag for further info!


Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer transforms into Nessa in epic TikTok

Published: 24/Nov/2020 21:00 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 22:59

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer made waves on TikTok after sharing her mind-blowing transformation in Gen 8’s Water-type Gym Leader, Nessa.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch. The 2019 RPG introduced players to a whole new cast of characters and was the debut of the Galar region.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the game by bringing popular character Nessa to life with an insanely accurate portrayal. The artist’s stunning video transformation into the Gym Leader will leave fans of the Water-type Trainer in awe.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sword & Shield Gym Leader has already become a fan-favorite.

Pokemon cosplayer transforms into Gym Leader Nessa

At the start of the Gen 8 title, the protagonist receives an invitation to the Pokemon League by reigning Champion Leon. On the player’s quest to become the very best, they face off against a host of new Gym Leaders – including Nessa of Hulbury.

Cosplayer ‘nerdtasticmel’ made a splash on Instagram after sharing her incredible true-to-life take on the Trainer. The artist faithfully recreated the heroine’s signature two-piece white and blue Galar league uniform.

Mel’s re-creation of the attire is full of little details, such as the water drop logo on her crop top and the number 049 on her swim shorts. She also faithfully included the character’s belly button chain accessory which wraps around her stomach.


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A post shared by Nerdtastic Mel (@nerdtasticmel)

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplayer uploaded a video to TikTok which shows how much work goes into artist’s bringing their favorite characters to life. The clip shows nerdtasticmel’s epic transformation in the Sword & Shield heroine.


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A post shared by Nerdtastic Mel (@nerdtasticmel)

Despite only releasing at the end of 2019, the eighth gen RPG is already the third-highest selling game in the entire franchise. Proof that Pokemon’s addicting “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” design is more popular than it’s ever been.

In October, the title got its second major DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra. While it’s unclear if the add-on will be the last content the Switch release gets, the update closed out the Galar region with an epic finale.