How to get all Oricorio styles in Pokemon Go & can they be Shiny?

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All Oricorio styles in Pokemon GoNiantic

Oricorio is returning to Pokemon Go as part of the Carnival of Love event, but how do you catch every style? And can it be Shiny? We’re here to answer those questions.

The Sun & Moon’s Alola region introduced a new bird Pokemon to the franchise called Oricorio.

It made its debut during the Festival of Colors event in 2022, but there are actually four different styles to catch — Baile, Pom-Pom, Pa’u, and Sensu — which might leave trainers wondering how to get them all.

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Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Oricorio, including its Shiny availability and how to get different styles.


Oricorio appearing in the Festival of Colors in Pokemon Go

How to catch Oricorio in Pokemon Go

Oricorio in Pokemon Go can be found out in the wild or through Field Research tasks. It will spawn during the Carnival of Love event from February 13, 2024, to February 15, 2024, alongside the different forms of Flabébé, depending on your region.

How to get different Oricorio styles in Pokemon Go

Oricorio can be caught in four different styles, but each one is exclusive to specific regions, so you’ll need to travel or trade with Friends if you want to get every single one.

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Here are all of the different styles in Pokemon Go and how to get them:

Oricorio Style How to get it
Baile Style Oricorio Baile Style Oricorio Spawns in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Pom-Pom Style Oricorio Pom pom Style Oricorio Spawns in the Americas
Pa’u Style Oricorio Pa’u Style Oricorio Spawns in African, Asian, Pacific, and Caribbean islands
Sensu Style Oricorio Sensu Style Oricorio Spawns in the Asia-Pacific region

Can Oricorio be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

While the Shiny version of Oricorio was not originally obtainable when it was first added to the mobile game, it will officially be introduced for the Carnival of Love event starting on February 13, 2024. 

That’s everything you need to know about finding Oricorio in Pokemon Go. Check out our other guides on the mobile game below: 

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