How to catch Oranguru in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?

Shiny Oranguru appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic

Oranguru is making its Pokemon Go debut as part of Sustainability Week 2022, but how do you catch it? And can it be Shiny? Let’s find out.

Niantic are celebrating Sustainability Week 2022 with a special event that includes an environment-focused Timed Research, a new Collection Challenge, and loads of jungle-themed wild spawns to catch.

The most exciting feature, though, is the arrival of Oranguru! The Normal/Psychic-type creature from the Alola region will finally be making its Pokemon Go debut with boosted spawns during the event.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to find and add Oranguru to your collection, and details about its current Shiny availability.

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A poster for the Pokemon Go Sustainability Week event featuring OranguruNiantic
Oranguru will be appearing in Pokemon Go for the first time.

How to catch Oranguru in Pokemon Go

The easiest way to catch an Oranguru in Pokemon Go is to find one in the wild. You can use the radar feature on the overworld map to see if there’s one nearby, or simply walk around until one spawns.

You can also hatch an Oranguru from a 7km Egg during the Sustainability Week event, although this method isn’t guaranteed as there are other species like Cherubi and Larvitar that could hatch instead.

It doesn’t look like Oranguru will be offered as a reward for completing event-exclusive Field Research tasks or the current Collection Challenge, which often happens with new Pokemon debuts.

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Can Oranguru be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

The bad news is that Shiny Oranguru is currently unavailable in Pokemon Go, and it probably won’t be added to the game for a while, so regular Oranguru will have to do for now.

Niantic rarely debuts a new Pokemon alongside its Shiny variation. They’re usually saved for a future event to build up hype and give players a reason to catch them again, so keep an eye out!

Shiny Oranguru in Pokemon GoNiantic
This is what Shiny Oranguru will look like when it debuts.

Does Oranguru have an evolution?

Oranguru is the only member of its Pokemon family, which means it doesn’t have an evolution and it doesn’t evolve from any other species – which means you don’t need to farm Candy to evolve it.

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It may be a standalone Pokemon but it does have a counterpart, the Fighting-type Passimian. That species isn’t in Pokemon Go yet, but it will likely debut in the near future now that Oranguru is in the game.

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