Shroud praises New World devs for “getting their act together” in recent updates

shroud-praise-new-world-devsAmazon Games / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek praised Amazon Games for finally “getting their act together” in New World’s latest update, explaining why he’s confident future patches will be even better.

New World players have experienced all kinds of issues since the game launched in September 2021. The list includes everything from gold exploits that ultimately led to a broken economy, PVP exploits, and more.

As a result, the player base has been in a slow decline. Shroud has spoken about it, too. The game and the community desperately needed some re-invigoration, and it finally happened in New World update 1.0.5.

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Not only did it fix some of the most painstaking exploits and bugs, but it also made some much-needed balance changes.

It’s being lauded as a game-saving patch by the community, and shroud feels the same way.

life staff new worldAmazon Games
New World Update 1.0.5 fixed a lot of the game’s glaring issues.

“I feel like the latest patch looks like they’re getting their act together. I mean yeah, it’s good. Updates are good,” he said in agreement with a Twitch viewer.

“The November patch is going to be really good in a couple of weeks. That one is going to be amazing.”

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In fact, he believes the updates will keep getting better: “Whenever they catch up with all the bugs and they finally fix them all, they can finally start making some content.

“They can’t even think about content until they fix all the bugs and stuff.”

But when that time finally comes, shroud is adamant the game will be a blast.

“Whenever the bugs and exploits are good and fixed, I truly think this game is going to be amazing. I mean it already is a lot of fun, but it’s kind of dull, right?”

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Shroud has been vocal about some of the ideas he’d like the developers to implement in future updates to help the game survive.

However, he vowed to keep playing it regardless, which isn’t too surprising since he admitted it’s his favorite game to stream.

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