New World players laud ‘game-saving’ Update 1.0.5 after fixing major exploits

Connor Knudsen

New World devs are getting praise from their player base following the litany of fixes that came in Update 1.0.5, fixing major exploits and bugs within the game.

The New World community has been on a rollercoaster since the game’s release in September 2021. And while the number of daily players has remained relatively strong, it does so despite many game-breaking issues.

If October felt like the Amazon Games MMO was burning to the ground, it looks like November could be the game’s rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. And fans have taken notice.

With an uncommon outpouring of appreciation, the forums and community boards have looked increasingly more optimistic following Update 1.0.5 and the game’s major November update.

New World fans applaud devs after Update 1.0.5

New World Corrupted Portal
New World forums have been as corrupted as this portal since the game’s launch, however, Update 1.0.5 may have just changed that.

Prior to Update 1.0.5 and the reinstating of the Trading Post, there were few places more filled with doom and gloom than the New World forums.

Whether it be the game’s subreddit or the official forums, both were dark dens of despair and negative trolling of the MMO.

But, after devs rolled out some absolutely massive game-saving fixes that addressed many of fans’ major concerns, things started to look a whole lot brighter in the New World corner of the internet.

With each of these Reddit threads having over 2,000 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments between them, it’s not just a small number of players that are “super pleased with how AGS has handled these problems” as one of the posts OP’s claimed.

These two posts, along with many just like this one on the New World forums, show a fan base that’s aware of the hard work devs are putting in and one that is thankful for a game looking to continue effectively developing.

“Thanks Kay for your hard work and all of the Devs! You are doing awesome work and I love the game!!!” said one forum poster. While SarahBoops thanked devs, “Thank you for the patch. I feel like this is finally a step in the right direction.”

“Thank you for all the hard work you guys are doing. This is a great game, and I’m looking forward to playing it for years, hopefully!” said another on the New World forums.

And, what’s more, it doesn’t seem like devs are done yet. In a November 2 developer post that flew a bit under the radar thanks to the massive updates, Amazon Games promised some major updates to PvP coming soon. This included improvements to PvP flagging, new open-world PvP activities, and even a new PvP mission type, all in development.

It’s clear that devs care for the game and intend on fixing issues that arise as promptly as possible, and while moments of accountability and frustration are all a part of the process, players should find hope in November’s aggressive patching.

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