Shroud explains what New World must do if Amazon wants MMORPG to survive

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek used his trademark dry humor to explain what Amazon Games need to do if they want New World to survive after players are experiencing one problem after another.

Shroud is one of the few Twitch streamers still playing New World religiously. Many others jumped ship after its launch hype died down. It’s not all that surprising since he admitted it’s his favorite game to stream.

Naturally, that means he has one of the most influential voices when speaking about the game and its growing list of issues.

The new gold exploit, which came about after the developers tried to fix an existing one, has sent the community into a furor. Not because of the exploit itself, but more so because the list of problems is growing.

Shroud is seemingly fed up with it, too.

He’s vowed to keep playing the game, but also believes there are several key things the developers must do if they want to make sure the game survives.

plague doctor set in new world
Amazon Games have their hands full with trying to fix New World’s problems.

After trying to figure out what in-game activity to do next, he tabbed out of the game to complete the official feedback survey.  He answered questions about the rate of progression, in-game resources, and more.

He breezed through them all. However, the last question had him stumped. “What do you think is the single biggest issue that the New World team needs to address to improve your experience with the game?” it asked.

Shroud took a deep sigh and sat in silence as he sifted through his thoughts. Then, after about ten seconds or so, he came up with the perfect answer. “Everything,” he said out loud as he typed it in and completed the survey.

It was a hilarious moment that left fans in stitches. However, there was a hint of seriousness about it, too.

He has plenty of other suggestions he’s heaped on Amazon Games in the past. Not only does he think its broken endgame content desperately needs to be fixed, but he also thinks it needs a better user interface and more.

Shroud wants the developers to address some PvP issues, too. He thinks Invasions should be capped at level 60 and Wars to happen less frequently so they feel more “grand” as opposed to being casual, which he believes is a problem.

new world character in a medieval plague doctor mask
Shroud’s suggestions to improve New World have been well-received by fans.

New World’s player base is in a slow decline. Unless the developers fix its many problems, which is just about everything at this point, it might not have the bright future that seemed to be a certainty at launch.

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