How many people play New World? Player count & population tracker (2023)

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It’s no secret that New World is an extremely fluctuating MMO. After all, its player base often ranges from dangerously low to unfathomably high in just a few months. So, if you want to know just how many people are playing New World in March 2023, take a look at this player count.

The bold and ambitious New World MMO by Amazon Games definitely had an explosive start to its career, with almost a million concurrent players near its peak. It’s unsurprising given the fact that the game has players journey across the vast Aeternum Island, featuring beautiful scenery, realistic graphics, and unique wars.

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However, despite having its fair share of problems, New World has become a popular co-op experience thanks to the impressive amount of content players can sink their teeth into on the various in-game servers.

With its boom and bust start, however, what is the current player count for New World looking like in March 2023?

An image of New World players firing Muskets in a graveyard.Amazon Games
New World continues to bring in a large player count daily.


How many people play New World? (February 2023)

According to SteamCharts, New World has seen an average of 18,743 players in the last 30 days, which is a drop from the 19,073 average players in February of 2023.

As the data suggests, New World has lost a considerable amount of players since its peak but is slowly regaining popularity.

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An image of the New World player count statsSteamCharts
Despite some up-and-down trends, New World’s player count has remained relatively consistent.

New World vs. other MMOs

If you’re interested to see how New World’s daily player count compares to other titles in the genre, we’ve compiled the data right here, courtesy of MMO Populations. However, keep in mind that all the figures below are estimates:

MMORPG Daily Player Count
New World 141k
World of Warcraft 2.38m
Destiny 2 812k
Final Fantasy XIV Online 2.39m
Lost Ark 620m
RuneScape 666k
Old School RuneScape 2.18m
Path of Exile 1.31k

We will continue to update this article to reflect player data each month, so make sure and stay tuned on how many players are logging into New World each day.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about New World’s player count in February 2023.

In the meantime, make sure to check out our other player count guides below:

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