New World players find new gold exploit right after Amazon disables Trading Post

Alan Bernal
new world trade post disabledAmazon Games

New World players have discovered a new gold exploit right after Amazon Game Studios disabled the Trading Post and coin transfers while they find a solution to an existing glitch.

Trading Posts are New World’s central hub for transactions among players who use it to acquire quest items to weapons, and everything in between. It’s a key feature in making the game’s economy run smoothly.

However, it’s been vulnerable ever since a ‘gold dupe exploit’ was discovered that lets players instantly create currency via a loophole with trading.

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Amazon Games Studios have said they will ban any player found using it. They also decided to take drastic measures and disable the Trading Post entirely while they investigate the issue and look for a solution.

New World Trade Post disabled

“We are aware of a possible gold duplication exploit that has been circling, and we are temporarily disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players,” Amazon Games Community Manager ‘Luxendra’ announced.

The devs will explore the extent of the abuse as well as how to fix the gold dupe exploit but those services will remain offline for the time being.

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The action blankets all transactions that involve gold. This includes sending currency, guild treasury, the Trading Post, and player-to-player trading.

new world trade post disabledAmazon Games
The New World Trade Posts have been temporarily disabled over the gold dupe exploit.

New World Coin transferal disabled

New World players were also shocked to learn that any attempt at exchanging the game’s currency landed them a message that reads: “Coin transferal disabled.”

Some took it as a good sign that the developers are taking extreme steps to combat the exploit. However, others were less enthusiastic about it.

“Remove gold cost for everything at this point,” one said. “I can’t repair or even pay my rent if I don’t have income. Like yeah, I can kill mobs and do OPR, but that’s super slow.”

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The same concerns were echoed from people concerned about crafting fees as well as those who are now locked out of all their gold if they put it into a company bank.

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new world trade post disabledAmazon Games
AGS have temporarily paused any New World transactions that include gold.

New World players discover new gold dupe glitch

To make matters worse, players have discovered that their measures have inadvertently created an entirely new gold dupe exploit.

“Apparently, if you try to start a town upgrade say kitchen, for example, your gold is not taken away from you, and the upgrade doesn’t start, but if you reconnect you get the cost of the upgrade added to your company wallet,” wrote the person who started the thread.

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It’s drawn hundreds of responses, most of which cannot believe what they’re hearing. “I absolutely can not wait for the Internet Historian video on this game,” wrote one user.

“I spent my entire time playing this game being involved in the economy. I’m royally f**ked at this point, and my time is completely wasted,” wrote another.

Amazon Game Studios has not given a timeframe for when they intend to reactivate the Trading Post and coin transferal features.

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However, considering their measures have created a new exploit, it might take them even longer than they anticipated.

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