Shroud reveals the one big reason behind New World’s surprising decline

shroud-reason-new-world-declineAmazon Game Studios / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek revealed what he believes is the one big reason behind New World’s decline, and although he still loves the game, he admitted it could make him ease off, too.

According to data from SteamDB, New World burst onto the scene with 913,634 concurrent players on Steam and 985,738 viewers on Twitch in the first week of its launch. But those numbers have dwindled since.

A lack of working end-game content is considered to be one of the main reasons why. Shroud, who is a massive fan of the game, is inclined to agree. He talked about it in a video posted on one of his official YouTube channels.

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New World players are complaining about a lack of working end-game content.

“It’s really rough,” he said when speaking New World’s issues, particularly in terms of end-game content. “I know Amazon Game Studios is panicking behind the scenes, and they’re trying their absolute best to fix it.”

He insists the developers know how big the issue is and claims to “know for a fact” that fixing it is their “number one priority.” However, he believes it could take “a very long time” to sort out, which could make people quit.

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“We might see some people quit this game because the main reason to keep playing this game is a lot of upkeep. But if you have no upkeep, you can take it easy, and once you start taking it easy, that’s when you quit.”

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As much as he still loves the game, he thinks it could turn him away, too – at least in the short term. “I don’t think I’d fully quit, but I would definitely chill. There’s no reason to pump so many hours if you aren’t grinding for anything.”

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It hasn’t stopped him from playing yet, though. He streamed it as recently as October 22 and appeared to have lots of fun.

New World’s player count will likely remain a hot topic in the upcoming weeks and months. MMO Populations reports it has 1.3 million active players, which is a little more than World of Warcraft’s 1.1 million.

So, while the initial hype has passed, its player base still appears strong. Fans hope it will only get better once the devs fix issues with end-game content.

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