New World player count stats show decline since launch plagued with server issues

Lauren Bergin
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Amazon’s New World MMORPG was released to massive anticipation and peaked at just under 1 million players on Steam. But, one month after release, how much has the player count declined?

Despite all of the hype surrounding Amazon’s MMO title, New World, the title had quite the rocky launch. Swamped in server issues and plagued by a stagnant endgame, Aeternum continues to struggle under the weight of the excitement it generated.

As players continue to take their first steps onto the mysterious island, some have been quick to throw in the towel.

Data from Steam Charts graph shows the average player count for New World since release, with an almost 50% decrease from its peak numbers.

New World Amazon games cover
Despite stunning vistas and a unique setting, New World has struggled to impress players.

New World player count shows decline

The data from Steam Charts was shared in a thread on Reddit, where players discussed the possible reasons for the drop.

“New World has dropped to between 27 and 43% of its peak in a month,” notes u/dope_danny19, with the graph showing the title’s player count over time between release on September 28 and October 27.

While server issues are likely a contributing factor to this, now that New World’s shores have been open to the public for a while, several players believe there are a few more issues that need to be fixed.

“They need a content roadmap or they’ll lose even more players,” writes one player, with another responding “the game is already f**ked with the bugs and exploits.”

“There are free games with more content…” notes one comment, with a final fan noting “there is nothing really fun to do in this game except sieges, but even those are arguable.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Amazon add some new content and implement some fixes for the slew of demons that have taken root in Aeternum.

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