Shroud reveals crazy idea to make New World wars feel more “grand”

shroud-new-world-crazy-idea-warsTwitch: Shroud / Amazon Game Studios

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek believes wars in New World are too frequent and casual, so he came up with a crazy idea to make them feel more “grand” by having them contribute to something bigger.

Shroud’s fondness of New World is old news now. He even went as far as admitting it’s his favorite game to stream.

That doesn’t mean he thinks it’s perfect, though. He’s pointed out what it lacks and how it can be improved.

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After talking about some additional problems with friends, he turned his attention to wars. He believes they happen too frequently, and as a result, feel too “casual.” But he came up with a crazy idea that he believes will fix it.

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Shroud thinks New World’s wars are too frequent and casual.

“One thing I don’t like about the game is that the wars are too frequent and too casual,” he said. “You can just keep starting them and keep doing them over and over and over again. I wish they were more of an investment.”

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At first, he suggested a solution could be to limit players from doing more than one war a week. He believes that would make it feel more “grand.” Then, he flirted with the idea of having them contribute to progression on a larger scale.

“It’d be really sick because you could do it weekly where you just do different parts of the war, and you slowly are pushing the progression of a war, and then the outcome comes out, you know, a year later or so.”

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New World’s player count has been steadily declining since it launched back in September 2021. Players believe the fact it’s riddled with bugs is contributing to the problem.

However, the developers have been working hard to iron them out. The latest patch fixed an exploit affecting wars. Perhaps they’ll consider shroud’s idea down the road, too.

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