How to make a Smoker in Minecraft – Recipe guide

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While using a normal Furnace  is a great way to prepare food within Minecraft, a Smoker is going to be very beneficial for you as your village expands further!

Minecraft has stayed within the top played games around the world for well over a decade now, and developers Mojang have been consistently updating the game with updates such as the Caves and Cliffs patch.

Thankfully, the game is always implementing new ways for player’s to improve their home, and while at first, you may be content with using multiple Furnaces. The Smoker is one of the best blocks in the game, and can steadily improve your production.

We’re going to run over the full recipe guide for crafting a Smoker, along with all the materials you’ll need for it!

Minecraft Coastal Village
Players are able to queue into various seeds that give them amazing biomes.

How to craft a Smoker in Minecraft

Crafting a Smoker is not going to require much material gathering, as the block itself is just an improved version of the regular Furnace. But, you’re going to need to use at least one Furance in order to craft a Smoker.

In order to craft a basic Furnace, you’re going to need eight Cobblestone blocks, which you’ll align along every block of the Crafting Table except for the middle one.

Crafting a Furnace is one of the basic essentials within Minecraft.

Now that you have one of these Furnaces, you’re then going to want to begin the process of making a Smoker. For this block, you’ll of course need one of these Furnaces, then you’re going to need to gather four types of wooden blocks.

It doesn’t matter what kind of wood they are, and you can mix and match the types of wood depending on what you have in your inventory at the given moment.

The recipe for crafting a Smoker is pretty simple, as you’ll want to place the Furnace in the middle, the four wood blocks go on the two sides, and the top/bottom of the crafting menu.

Any type of log is good for making a Smoker.

This completes the recipe for crafting a Smoker, but it’s also good to know how these differ from the standard Furnace.

Is a Smoker better than a Furnace?

Yes! While the regular Furnance is going to be optimal for early on within Minecraft, the Smoker actually produces output at nearly twice as fast as a regular Furnace.

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