How to teleport in Minecraft on PC, console, and mobile

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Even seasoned Minecraft players might be unaware that they can teleport across the map quickly. Here’s how to teleport in all versions of Minecraft.

Teleporting in Minecraft is easy once you know how, but the game doesn’t make figuring out how to do so immediately obvious. It’s one of those things the game doesn’t tell you, and you can play it for years without realizing you can jump from one side of your world to the other.

The good news is, that by following a few simple steps, anyone can learn how to teleport in Minecraft. The only downside is that it’s different in every version of the game, so those playing on PC, console, or mobile will need to learn a different method. Here’s how to teleport in Minecraft regardless of where you play it.


Minecraft Savanna Rare Biome
Need to teleport from one side of the map to the other? Here’s how.

How to teleport in Minecraft on PC

Remembering how to teleport in Minecraft on PC is probably the most difficult, but once you’ve done it a few times it becomes easy to do. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Boot up Minecraft on PC.
  • Create a world or load one from your saved files.
  • Pick a destination you’d like to teleport to.
  • Press Fn + F3 on your PC (It’s Alt + Fn + F3 on Mac) to display the coordinates of where you currently are on-screen just below your map. We’d recommend writing them down or take a picture, so you have them saved.
  • Then open the in-game console on PC by tapping the / key.
  • Now enter the teleport command teleport name x y z, but replace the ‘name’ with your username.
  • Then, replace the ‘x’ with the east or west coordinate
  • Next, replace the ‘y’ with the number that represents the vertical coordinate.
  • Lastly, replace the ‘z’ with the north or south coordinate
  • Press enter.

The numbers should be in the same order that the one you noted down was in. Your console command should look like this: teleport Edge_Lord 2 43 72.

You can teleport to another player’s location or teleport them to yours by using the console command ‘teleport’ followed by their username. It’s that simple.

Teleporting saves long walks home in Minecraft.

How to teleport in Minecraft on console

When teleporting in Minecraft on console, you can only do so when you’re the host of an online game. You’ll also only be able to teleport to the location of another player. Here’s how to teleport in Minecraft on console:

  • Start Minecraft on console and head to the main menu.
  • Create a world or prepare to load one from your saved files – but don’t load it yet!
  • Go into your Game Options and tick Host Privileges.
  • Now load your save and accept the warnings that pop up about disabling the achievements. Essentially, teleporting counts as cheating so these are turned off.
  • Once the game begins, press Options on Xbox, Start on Nintendo Switch, or the Touchpad on PlayStation to access the Host menu.
  • Select Host Options, then select Teleport to Player.

This should show you a list of every player currently in your world. All you need to do is pick a user from this list, then you’ll be teleported right to them.

Tundra Village Minecraft
Teleporting is very useful on huge maps.

How to teleport in Minecraft on mobile

You can also teleport in mobile versions of Minecraft. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the app and load/create a world.
  • Tap the upper-right part of the screen to bring up the pause menu.
  • Select Settings and switch the Cheats option to on.
  • Close the Settings menu and press Resume Game.
  • Then select the Chat icon at the top of your screen.
  • Now you’ll need to find your current coordinates. So, in the text box, type /tp YourUsername. This will display your current coordinates.
  • Now you know your coordinates, you can teleport somewhere else. To do so, press the Chat icon again, and type /tp YourUsername X Y Z, with X, Y, and Z representing the east/west, vertical, and north/south coordinates of where you’d like to go – just like on PC.
  • Press Enter. This should teleport your character to these coordinates.

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