How to change Minecraft Villagers jobs: all types, job site blocks, trading, more

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Villagers are friendly NPCs within Minecraft, and most of them hold stable jobs that are beneficial to your world. Here are all the Villager jobs, what they do, and how trading works with them! 

Minecraft is a vast open-world game that is filled with regions for players to explore and, more often than not, you’ll encounter NPCs such as Villagers in your journey. Before the 1.14 update, Villagers maintained a popular role within the game, as they were used for trading.

But, since the update, they have been completely reworked. There are now over 15 jobs that Villagers can take on within each seed, and how they function has been entirely revamped. There are now more ways to interact with Villagers than ever, and you will not only go to traders, as certain Villagers are going to have specific resources you may need.

Below is a full guide into the new ways Villagers work within Minecraft, along with some frequently asked questions regarding their jobs and if you are able to change them!

Minecraft Villager Jobs explained
Villagers are now more important than ever

All jobs Villagers can have in Minecraft

When you encounter a village within Minecraft, there are going to be various Villagers roaming the settlement. Now, they can hold one of 15 professions within the game, and each one of them servers a different purpose compared to others.

Each Villager will have a ‘job site block’ which signifies the role they have within the village. The clothing they are wearing is another sign that players can use to see which profession they are currently occupying.

All 15 Minecraft jobs:

  • Unemployed – no job site block
  • Nitwit – no job site block and cannot claim any job
  • Armorer – Blast Furnace – trades armor and chainmail armor
  • Butcher – Smoker – trades food or Emeralds
  • Cartographer – Cartography Table – trades maps and banner color schemes
  • Cleric – Brewing Stand – trades dust, Ender Pearl’s, and Enchanting bottles
  • Farmer – Composter – trades food
  • Fisherman – Barrel – trades fish, Enchanted Fishing Rod, and other fishing related items
  • Fletcher – Fletching Table – trades Bows, Crossbows, Enchanted Bows/Crossbow, and Tipped Arrows
  • Leatherworker – Cauldron – trades Leather armor, and Saddles
  • Librarian – Lectern – trades Books, Enchanted Books, Compass, Clock, Name Tags, and Bookshelf
  • Shepard – Loom – trades various colors of Wool, Banners, and Beds
  • Stone Mason –  Stonecutter – trades Dripstone Blocks, Glazed Terracotta, and Quartz
  • Toolsmith – Smithing Table – trades all rarities of tools
  • Weaponsmith – Grindstone – trades regular tools and Enchanted tools

There are some important notes in regards to the occupations that Villagers can now have within Minecraft. Nitwits are designated by the green robes they will be wearing when you see them, and they are unable to hold any jobs within Minecraft. Out of the 15 jobs, they are the only classification that players will not be able to trade with, making them sorta useless in villages which is unfortunate.

Nitwits dawn green robes

What clothing do Villagers wear

With the ample amount of Villager jobs there are within Minecraft now, they all dawn certain clothing items which players will be able to spot to note the job they hold if they cannot see their job site block. Some of the easiest to spot include Farmers, who have a straw hat atop their head!

Below is a helpful image that should help you when you are scouting out a village looking for a specific Villager!

clothing of villagers
Minecraft worker clothes from left to right: Armorer, Butcher, Cartographer, Cleric, Farmer, Fisherman, Fletcher, Leatherworker, Librarian, Shepard, Stone Mason, Tool Smith, Weaponsmith, & Nitwit.

How to change Villager jobs

Sometimes when you encounter a village, there will not be Villagers occupying the profession you are looking for. This can be troublesome, as villages are tricky to find if you are not ready to explore far away from your home base.

So, there is a process that players can take in order to change Villagers’ jobs, and it all revolves around their job site block. Think of the block as a contract for the Villagers, if they do not have an active block, then they do not occupy that certain profession.

If you need to change the job of one of the Villagers follow the steps we have outlined below:

  • Destroy the job site block that the Villager is currently using
  • Build whichever job block that corresponds to the job you want the Villager to hold now
  • Place the block within proximity of the Villager
  • Wait for the Villager to interact with the new job site block
  • Once they do so, they should change into their new jobs clothing and you should be good to go

This is a pretty universal method, and can work with all Villagers except Nitwits, as they cannot hold any jobs within Minecraft!

Trading with Villagers and how to level up trading

The function these Villagers serve is to trade with you, as they have various items you may be interested in. However, items such as Enchanted Bows and Diamond Pickaxes can only be unlocked as you level up your relationship with the Villager.

Now, with the flurry of jobs Villagers can have, they have added a color system to note which level you are currently residing at with each Villager.

villager trading levels
Diamond is the highest level players can reach

In order to level up your trading level with each Villager, you will simply need to complete more trades with them. Over time you will notice the badge they are wearing changes color, signifying the relationship is increasing, and you will unlock rarer items to trade for.

The levels of Villagers trading levels are noted by the following color scheme:

  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Emerald
  • Diamond

It will take some time to reach the Diamond level with a Villager, but once you do so, then you are in for a treat! As they will now be able to offer you some of the rarest items in the game, so patience is a virtue in this scenario.

Prices of trades

Before the massive 1.14 Minecraft update, players were able to complete a specific trade as much as possible, and the price would not change. Now, they have implemented a supply and demand concept within Villagers’ trades. Meaning, Villagers can run out of stock on certain items, and will even request more Emeralds if they have low stock!

Hero of the Village – discounted trades

There is actually a way players can receive discounts on trades, along with gifts from Villagers at any given time. This occurs when you are granted the ‘Hero of the Village’ status, which signifies that you have defended the village from a random raid that happens every so often.

hero of the village badge

The villagers will be thankful they are still alive thanks to your efforts, and you can prosper off the discounted trades they will offer you!

Can you change Wandering Traders profession?

Wandering Traders are Villagers that will roam around the Minecraft world and may appear within your home every now and then. They have some decent trades more often than not, but they function completely separate from the Villagers within a village.

So no, there is no current way to change Wandering Traders jobs within Minecraft, as they are technically a part of the village, and their job is not one of the 15 designated by a job site block.

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