How to make paper in Minecraft – Recipe guide

Nick Farrell
paper minecraft

There are various materials in Minecraft that can be used for a number of scenarios and Paper is one of them! Here is how to craft Paper along with the purposes it can be used for.

Most of the time when we think about Minecraft we picture large-scale buildings crafted with superior detail and picture-perfect block placement. However, Minecraft is also defined through other materials that are not necessarily blocked; but these materials play a vital role in the overall landscape of the game.

Paper is one of these materials, as the versatile item can be used for various purposes such as making Maps, Bookshelves, and other blocks. But, the process of making Paper is one that can be a bit complicated, so below is how to make Paper along with the materials you will need to do so!

sugar cane farm
Sugar Cane farms are seen all over Minecraft

How to make Paper

As noted above, Paper can be used for various situations within Minecraft; but the process of making this item can be a bit confusing given the item you will have to collect beforehand. Sugar Cane is the item that is directly used for making Paper, and the process of finding Sugar Cane has a bit of luck involved.

Sugar Cane typically spawns all over your Minecraft world, so you will need to do a bit of exploring in order to find some. More often, once players find a Sugar Cane spawn, they will harvest all of the Sugar Cane and then proceed to build their own Sugar Cane farm closer to their village.

You are able to do this by planting one Sugar Cane near a patch of water, and over time it will sprout into a fully grown Sugar Cane; giving you three pieces at a time. Now that you have Sugar Cane within your inventory, we can now move onto making Paper!

Sugar Cane to paper
Three Sugar Cane produce three Paper

When you make it back to your Crafting Bench, you are going to want to place the Sugar Cane in a horizontal row across all three blocks as the above image describes. This is the recipe for making Paper within Minecraft, and you will get a nice output for the Sugar Cane you put into the Crafting Bench.

Once you have the completed Paper within your inventory, there are various blocks you can make with this item! We will run over some of these now, as Paper by itself is not a very useful block sadly,

What can I use Paper for?

Paper is an item that is the core material used for crafting a lot of important pieces within your Minecraft world, some of these include:

  • Map
  • Banner
  • Book
  • Book and Quill
  • Locator Map

The two that stand out among the rest are the Map and Book items, as these are vital for various reasons. The latter is used for creating Bookshelves, which is where players will be able to enchant their weapons they craft throughout their world, and enchanting is one of the best aspects of Minecraft!