How to make Lanterns in Minecraft

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How to make a Lantern

Wondering how to make Lanterns in Minecraft? Here’s everything you need to know about crafting this valuable light source in the beloved Mojang game.

Lights in Minecraft are essential as they’ll prevent your base from being overrun with mobs of pesky Creepers, and Lanterns are a great alternative to standard torches in the game. They’re aesthetically pleasing for one, and also slightly more powerful than torches.

If you’re wondering exactly how to make Lanterns in Minecraft, here’s everything you need to know about crafting them right here.


What materials do you need to craft Lanterns

You’ll need two items to craft Lanterns in Minecraft. Thankfully, they’re not too tough to get hold of, if you know what you’re looking for.

  • One Torch
  • Eight Iron Nuggets

To make a Torch you’ll need one stick and one coal. Once that has been crafted you’ll need to hunt around for an Iron Ingot. Then, place the Ingot into a crafting table to create nine Iron Nuggets. Then all the ingredients are ready.

How to make Lanterns

Making a Lantern in Minecraft

Once you’ve grabbed all the required materials, head back to your crafting table. When you’re in the crafting table, place the Torch in the middle of the 3×3 grid and surround it with the eight Iron Nuggets.

Now you’ve crafted the Lantern, place it in your inventory and begin decorating your base with brand-new lights.

What are Lanterns used for in Minecraft?

Lanterns are slightly better versions of Torches in this crafting game. Instead of only having a light level of 14 (as seen in the Torches), the Lanterns have a light level of 15.

As well as having a better light level, Minecraft Lanterns are primarily used as a more aesthetically pleasing torch. They can hang and perch on top of items perfectly, making them a highly desired decorative item.

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