Best 1.20 Minecraft seeds in 2023

Best Minecraft seedsMojang Studios

Are you looking for a great new world to start your next big Minecraft build on well using one of the best seeds in the game can help with that. Here’s our curated list of the very best Minecraft seeds available in the 1.20 version of the game.

The Trails & Tales update has firmly found its place in the Minecraft universe, with the community loving their exploration of all the fresh mobs, blocks, and cool features. This also means that there’s a mad dash to find the best Minecraft 1.20 seeds out there. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want that pristine spot for a dream house or the thrill of stumbling across those rare and epic biomes?

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So, we’ve sifted through and found some top-tier seeds to get you on the fast track to a great new Minecraft world. Here are the best Minecraft 1.20 seeds for 2023.


Best Minecraft seeds for 1.20

Looking for some cool new Minecraft world seeds? We’ve got plenty of fantastic options to choose from right here.

We’ve tested out all of our favorite 1.20 seeds on the Java edition of Minecraft for ourselves on the latest version of the game.

Ice Spikes and Caves

Minecraft Ice Spikes biomeMojang
The Ice Spikes are a rare biome in Minecraft world seeds, here’s one with both Ice Spikes and extensive caves systems to explore.

Seed: 12000

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Platform: Bedrock

While there may not be much in terms of structures or anywhere to get hold of that all-important wood, you’ll instantly have access to one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft.

The Ice Spikes biome is a challenging location to live in which is perfect for players who want something a little different. Or, if you’re looking for some useful caves to explore, there are plenty in this great Minecraft seed for 1.20.

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Outpost, shipwreck, temple, and more

A world with a village, pyramid, shipwreck, and outpostMojang
Get four landmarks with one seed.

Seed: 3546842701776989958

Source: Minecraft & Chill

Platform: Bedrock

This Minecraft world seed gives you a four in one as soon as you drop into the world. It’s filled with a desert village, a temple, an outpost, and a shipwreck for you to explore as well as a mangrove nearby.

You may want to prepare before storming any of these places since the landscapes are filled with deadly Pillagers. But once you’re prepared, this will give you the best start and is easily one of the best 1.20 Minecraft seeds of 2023.

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Ancient City Mineshaft

Looking over an underground ancient cityMojang
Make sure you know how to defeat the warden before coming down here.

Seed: 4189766944005904899

Platform: Java

Thanks to the new cave update, we have been blessed with some impressive cave systems, specifically Ancient Cities. Such a city is available a short walk away from the spawn at coordinates 189 / -27 / 179 to be specific. Head down to the mineshaft and explore this wonderful sight — just stay away from the Warden.

Allay rich woodland mansion

Woodland mansion in a fieldMojang
Save the Allays in this huge woodland mansion.

Seed: -702411727950161736

Platform: Java

Allays are a new addition to Minecraft and have introduced a great level of cuteness to the game as a whole. The only issue is they are usually trapped in places like a woodland mansion. Thankfully, there is one nearby spawn here, so you can free these adorable creatures — simply head to coordinates 229 / 97 / 476.

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If you’re looking for some exploration or a pre-built house, this is one of the best 1.20 Minecraft Seeds in 2023.

Skyblocks Village

Tall skyblocks pillarsMojang
Try not to fall off these Skyblocks-style pillars.

Seed: 6332276367529012205

Source: Gaming-idk

Platform: Java

This is probably as close as you will get to playing Skyblocks without mods. It’s got some beautifully tall structures and is the type of game to force you into a unique building and playstyle in general. This is easily one of the best Minecraft world Seeds of 2023, especially if you love Skyblocks.

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Ship out of water

Arial view of a shipwreck and villageMojang
Three landmarks for one in this fantastic seed.

Seed: 9008355401877120259

Source: Colesean

Platform: Bedrock

Normally, ships aren’t really supposed to be out of the water, but this one is and it’s filled to the brim with awesome loot, resources, and even sports some lovely views. Surrounding this docked ship is a beautiful village and an outpost to explore. To access it, head to the following coordinates: 200 / 63 / 250.

A moat fit for a castle

A huge island surrounded by a lake and cliffsMojang
If you want to build your own castle, look no further than this fantastic seed.

Seed: 2
Source: Yggdrasil_2
Platform: Java

Yep, you read that right. This fantastic 2023 Minecraft world seed is ‘2’ – meaning you’ll likely never forget it. The island right in the middle of the giant lake is perfect for anyone looking to rule the roost in their own castle, and you’ll even find a cave tucked away to go exploring in.

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This island seed for Minecraft is perfect for a bit of isolation, or building the perfect castle, for, or self-sustaining region.

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Giant mountain with deep caves

A mountain featuring a deep cave with lavaMojang / Jumpy_Ad5867
This mountain hides a deep cave with flowing lava.

Seed: 7032811939855349881

Source: Jumpy_Ad5867

Platform: Java

This seed has giant mountains that nestles within it a giant, deep cave with flows of lava. This fits perfectly into the newly updated caves and cliffs update. In the surrounding area, you’ll find lush forests and rolling hills.

Outpost near cave

An outpost with a nearby Village in MinecraftMojang / SaIlgado
With an outpost and a village, this is definitely a unique seed.

Seed: 5575193881835237220

Source: SaIlgado

Platform: Java

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Featuring a rare outpost in the middle of a field, this seed also spawns you near a vast cave that’s perfect for any underground adventurers.

Coastal Village with a docked ship

A huge mountain peninsulaMojang
This is one of the most beautiful seeds you’ll come across.

Seed: 2083747154327962073

Source: Thenerdyminded

Platform: Java

Fancy a trip to the seaside? This mountain peninsula offers some of the most breathtaking views in Minecraft. Whether you want to build a base on top of the peninsula, inside one of its hidden caves, or even on the water, you’ll have a blast either way.

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All biomes (including all rare biome variants)

A map of all Minecraft biomes Mojang / BigBrain5Head
This seed features everything you could ever need and more.

Seed: 64971835648254

Source: BigBrain5Head

Platform: Java (Bedrock download available)

BigBrain5Head found one of the best 1.20 Minecraft seeds of 2023 which houses all the biomes available in the 1.20 update, including all rare biome variants. This means you can set up your home and instantly get access to the game’s best resources. 

To make matters even better, every biome is within a 2500-block radius of the spawn. This instantly cuts down the annoying treks between each area, saving you huge amounts of time. BigBrain5Head is certainly worthy of their name. 

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Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island in MinecraftMojang / ShopCaller
This seed will whisk you away to a fantastic deserted island.

Seed: -7206690241419829648

Source: ShopCaller

Platform: Java

Are you looking for an island seed in Minecraft that’s full of resources? This one’s for you. Featuring a ravine that intersects with another deep underwater, you’ll be able to explore high and low with this deserted island.

That’s not all, though. With beehives, shipwrecks, and an abandoned mineshaft containing chests that’ll nab you both diamonds and glow berries, you’ll be set to have a blast with this seed.

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Mountain Island Spawn

A vast Mountain Island in MinecraftMojang
This island offers a ton of resources.

Seed: 937250616

Source: Beefy_Nad

Platform: Bedrock

This Bedrock-compatible island seed for Minecraft offers a bounty of wood types right off the bat, and it’s gorgeous to look at as well. There are smaller biomes included within, too, so there should be everything you need to live out your Castaway fantasies.

Mountain plains

Image of a large mountain biome in MinecraftMojang / SpaceBoiArt
The hills are alive with the sound of Creepers.

Seed: 7229962402130211473

Source: SpaceBoiArt

Platform: Java

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Mountains not only provide you with a fantastic vantage point for you to survey your kingdom, but they also make for some awesome house locations. While mountains aren’t exactly uncommon in Minecraft, it is rare for them to completely surround a plain valley. The mountainous terrain even has its own freshwater river that flows through and around the craggy cliffs. 

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A land of Fire and Ice

A hidden desert village in Minecraft surrounded by water.Mojang / Killstepz
This hidden village is a thing of beauty.

Seed: 45721884739527

Source: Killstepz

Platform: Java

This Minecraft seed is like a Russian doll as it’s hiding a secret area. To uncover the hidden village, you must first traverse the snowy tundra and make your way over a wooded mountain before you uncover a desert island. On this sandy wasteland, you’ll find a small village basking in the sun. 

It’s a unique sight to behold and one that demonstrates just how amazing Minecraft’s procedurally generated worlds can be. 

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Water world

A Minecraft character in the middle of the Water World mapMojang / HydroPunkBot
Fancy taking a dip in this watery world?

Seed: 3010064798083778592

Source: HydroPunkBot

Platform: Java

This seed won’t catch your eye for its scenic sights, nor will it make a particularly quaint home. It will, however, will put your survival skills to the test. Players start by spawning inside an underwater shipwreck and you’ll need to escape to survive.

It’s up to you to salvage the shipwreck, fish for consumables, and search your watery surroundings for any useful resources. HydroPunkBot’s biome is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for a challenge, then this world seed will do just that. 

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Desert Island

A Desert Island map created using a seed in MinecraftMojang / ricecake1111113
This desert island seed has villages and a coral reef!

Seed: 43203781

Source: ricecake1111113

Platform: Bedrock

This island seed for Minecraft features everything from coral reefs to temples, treasures, skeletons, and even spiders! You’ve also got strongholds and a fortress – what more could you want?

The Lonely Island

A lonely island seed for MinecraftMojang
Live life on your own island with this cool Minecraft seed.

Seed: -180712982499944018

Source: Heliozz0

Platform: Java and Bedrock

This lonely island seed for Minecraft is fantastic if you want the kind of challenge where you spawn in a rather baron landscape. Luckily, there are plenty of trees so you can start up easily enough. 

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This is the kind of seed where you can either make life easy or hard. There are enough islands around to collect resources or visit different landmarks but the large island is definitely the main location for a fantastic house.

The best Minecraft Desert Seed

Minecrat desert with reefs, mesa and moreMojang
Complete with beautiful reefs, villages, temples, and outposts. This seed is not to be missed.

Seed: -3373198683487676029

Platform: Java and Bedrock

Explore a mixture of Reef, Temple, Village, and Outpost with this fantastic seed, that works perfectly with either Bedrock or Java players.

This is a beautiful location to build a sunny beach house or locate some of the upcoming adorable camels coming in the 1.20 update. Either way, this is a beach-lovers paradise and is easily the best Minecraft desert seed.

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Giant Mangrove Swamp

Mandrove biome Minecraft seedMojang
Become a mysterious witch or wizard with this seed.

Seed: 4025804172371830787

Platform: Bedrock and Java

Looking to build an adorable witch’s hut while surrounded by towering Mangroves, teeny Frogs, and plenty of lilypads? Then this seed is perfect for you.

It’s got a beautiful and expansive Mangrove Swamp biome as soon as you spawn in and also includes some buried treasure, a Shipwreck, Ocean Monument, and Stronghold meaning you’ll never be stuck or bored.

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Best Minecraft village seeds

Surviving the harsh environments in Minecraft can be challenging at times, so it’s essential to find villages early on in your adventures to access resources like food, armor, and weapons. Our list of the best Minecraft village seeds has everything, from frozen tundras to remote islands surrounded by the ocean.

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Underground Zombie Village

Underground Zombie village Minecraft world seedsMojang
Spawn dangerously in this underground Zombie Village seed.

Seed: -2404910741640601849

Source: Protagnst

Platform: Java

From the moment you spawn you’re stuck in a cave filled with Zombies so this Minecraft seed is not for the faint hearted.

Nevertheless, it’s an incredibly unique challenge and one that allows you to live underground while still having a village to explore, just watch out for the Zombies.

Plains village tucked away in a valley

A plains village tucked away in a valley in MinecraftMojang
This village is uniquely nestled away in a huge valley.

Seed: 1635965210870703300

Source: Kifdury000

Platform: Java

If you’re looking for a breathtaking view, you need to look no further than this stellar seed that features a village tucked away in a valley. What’s more, there’s even a cave to explore right in the rockface – giving you ample chance to descend into the depths of this fantastic world.

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Upon arrival, make sure to use the following coordinates to ensure you can find it in a pinch: 3271.37 / 142.12 / -3747.87 / 525.25 / 21.72.

Lake village on the edge of a steep cliff

Lake village Minecraft world seedsMojang
This lake-side village sits right at the edge of an incredibly tall cliff.

Seed: -865209853

Source: MariaJachinski

Platform: Java

This seed offers players a rare environment that boasts a village on the lake, and a cliff littered with waterfalls and hidden caves, it’s a fantastic Minecraft seed, especially in 2023.

Pillager outpost on a cliff

A pillager outpost overlooking a cliff in MinecraftMojang / SSupersettle
This seed offers a stunning cliffside view

Seed: -7197014500117473475

Source: Ssupersettle

Platform: Java

This seed features a pillager outpost on a cliffside overlooking a stunning view. Surrounded by forest and water, it’s a breathtaking site to behold upon spawning in.

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Village with multi-tiered lakes

Multi-tiered lakes Minecraft world seed  best minecraft seeds 2023Mojang
The multi-tiered lakes create fantastic building opportunities

Seed: 4344633995751933050

Source: Norcalnomadman

Platform: Java

This is by far one of the most unique seeds you’ll come across in Minecraft, providing endless opportunities to build your own castle overlooking the lake, or anything else that inspiration strikes.

Mountain Valley double village

A Minecraft village and caves  best minecraft seeds 2023Mojang
This seed will give you plenty of villages and caves to explore.

Seed: 10532435

Source: Protagnst

Platform: Bedrock

Why have one village when you can have two in such close proximity? This seed comes with one large village and one medium village, with another just off spawn.

Just watch your step when exploring them since this great Minecraft seed is filled with deep caverns and exciting exploration opportunities.

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How to use seeds in Minecraft

An image showing the menu screen to use Minecraft world seed  best minecraft seeds 2023Mojang
To hop into a new world with a seed, you need to paste it into the box shown above.

Now that you’ve picked out a world you want to head out on an adventure in, you might be wondering how to use the seeds in Minecraft. Luckily, these steps are relatively simple:

  1. From the main menu of Minecraft, click ‘Singleplayer‘.
  2. Select Create New World
  3. A new window will appear with a host of different options. Select ‘More World Options‘.
  4. At the top of the next menu that pops up, you’ll see a box at the top that says ‘Seed for the world generator‘.
  5. Paste any of the seed codes above into that box. Click ‘Done‘.
  6. Make any changes to the game you want such as changing Game Mode, Difficulty, or allowing Cheats.
  7. Select ‘Create New World’ and your seed will start to generate.
  8. That’s it! You’ll now appear at the spawn point for your particular seed.

There you have it, some of the best 1.20 Minecraft seeds in 2023. We’ll be updating this list with new Minecraft seeds, so come back here often for all the latest updates.

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