Best Minecraft Bedrock shaders & how to install them

minecraft bedrock shaderMojang

A great Minecraft Bedrock shader can dramatically change how you view the game with the addition of some stunning skies, luscious landscapes, and so much more. So, here are the best Minecraft Bedrock shaders in 2023 as well as how you can install them.

Minecraft is constantly changing, with its upcoming Trails & Tales update, and many unique worlds featuring adorable mobs, fantastic features, and beautiful biomes. Despite this, the look of the game always stays the same – which is why Bedrock shaders are so popular in 2023, with so many looking to enhance the style of their game.

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So, with that in mind, here are the best Minecraft Bedrock shaders in 2023 that you just have to try out, especially if you want a beautiful Minecraft seed or a stunning location for your next home.


A sandy beach in Minecraft using a shader packMojang
Shaders take Minecraft to the next level.


How to download & install Minecraft Bedrock shaders

Downloading and installing a Minecraft Bedrock shader is a quick and easy process once you get the hang of it. We’ve broken down all the steps for you below. 

  1. Find the Minecraft shader pack you’d like to install.
  2. Download the shaders and install the latest Optifine version.
  3. Once installed, launch Minecraft, head over to the options tab, and scroll into the video settings.
  4. Select ‘shaders‘.
  5. Hit the shaders folder button on the bottom left.
  6. Locate the shader you’ve installed and load this file into the game.

Now that you know how to download and install them, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best Bedrock shaders Minecraft has available.

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Below, you’ll find some of the best Bedrock shader packs we recommend trying out in 2023, along with where you’ll be able to download them.

Best Minecraft Bedrock shaders to get in 2023

There are plenty of Shaders to install into your Minecraft game, making it relatively tricky to find the best ones in 2023. Luckily, we’ve got a list of some of the best Bedrock shaders for your Minecraft game.

Slidurs Vibrant Shaders

A bright forest in Minecraft using a shader packMojang / YouTube: justDIAMONDS
Slidur’s shaders add some of the most vibrant colors to your world

Slidur has always been one of the best Bedrock shaders to download in Minecraft, and this remains the case in 2023.

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Offering what are arguably some of the most stunning shaders available for the game, this download will add vibrant colors to your game’s world.

You can download the Slidur’s shaders here.

EBIN Shaders

An ocean with cloudy blue sky in Minecraft using a shader packMojang / EBIN
EBIN Shaders offer a unique perspective to the game.

Slidur’s EBIN Shaders feature similar elements to other Bedrock packs, but include a particular emphasis on the sky — resulting in some fantastic sunlight and realistic clouds.

Along with the sky is a beautiful design on the waters, allowing the two to contrast perfectly. That and the original blocky design is a Minecraft fans dream.

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You can download the EBIN shaders here.

Oceano Shaders

A lake with turtles in Minecraft using a shader packMojang / YouTube: The Gamer Hobbit
The Oceano shader pack has some great water effects!

Next on our Bedrock shaders list is Oceano’s pack, which offers some lovely graphical changes to the game — including sweeping waves and a warm color palette in the evenings.

It’s a beautifully calm design that primarily focuses on changing the design of the water. Perfect if you want to build a great underwater base.

You can download the Oceano shader here.


An ocean during sunrise in Minecraft using a shader pack  shaders for minecraft bedrockMojang
Similar to Slidur’s, Continuum has been one of the most popular shaders.

The last shader on our Bedrock list is Continuum’s shader pack, which features extraordinary graphics, including realistic light and shadows to make your world look alive as you journey throughout it.

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It’s by and large one of the best Bedrock shader packs within the game, and you may even forget that you’re playing Minecraft when using it!

You can download the Continuum shaders here.

BSL Shaders

BSL Shader Minecraft  shaders for minecraft bedrockMojang
This shader pack has calmer but beautiful lighting and colors.

The BSL shaders are essentially Slidur’s but with a slightly more soft and dulled effect. It’s calming, gentle, and brings out all the necessary graphics many know and love in Minecraft, without taking away it’s callsic look.

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It might not be groundbreaking but it’s constantly updated and brings a great addition to the graphical design of the game. Especially at night.

You can download the BSL Shaders here.

Spectrum Shader

mobile Minecraft Bedrock shader  shaders for minecraft bedrockTheAlexander / Mojang
Bring your Minecraft Mobile game to life with the Spectrum Shader.

So many Minecraft Bedrock shaders work solely for PC or Console so it’s only fair to include a shader that only works for mobile players.

The Spectrum Shader includes a realistic sky, wind coloration, beautiful water, and so much more to help immerse you into your chosen Minecraft world. If you’re playing on mobile this is the best Minecraft mobile shader out there.

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You can download the Spectrum Shader here.

RedHat BE

RedHat BE Minecraft shadermlgimposter
Enhance the sun, moon, and sky with this beautiful Minecraft shader.

Sometimes a great Minecraft Bedrock shader isn’t just about altering the land in front of you, sometimes it’s all about enhancing the sky, allowing every player to stop and admire the beauty around them.

The RedHat BE shader will do just that, making the clouds, sun, moon, and entire sky feel like a dream. It’s a beautiful addition and one that cannot be missed.

You can download the RedHat BE shader here.

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So that’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Bedrock shaders in 2023! For more Minecraft tips and tricks, make sure to check out our guides:

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