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Best Minecraft Bedrock shaders and how to install them

Published: 16/Sep/2021 0:10

by Nick Farrell


While the base version of Minecraft is a classic game, the graphics haven’t been touched since it was originally released over a decade ago. This is why many of you are going to be in the market for some crafty shaders. 

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the largest games in the world — if not the largest. And this has remained a constant since the game was released back in 2011, as they’ve consistently been updating the title with amazing content for players to dive into.

One aspect that hasn’t changed over the years is the graphics within Minecraft, as they’re rather nostalgic to players with their simple look. But, if you’re looking to jazz up your Minecraft experience, there’s some shaders online that’ll make your game beautiful.


Here, we’ll run over how to install shaders for Minecraft bedrock edition, along with some of the best ones you can use.


Minecraft shaders
Shaders take Minecraft to the next level.

How to install shaders for Minecraft

Installing shaders is basically installing mods for Minecraft, they’re used to enhance the graphical output of the game, and there’s some amazing ones out there for players to test out.

So, the process of installing shaders can be a bit complicated if it’s your first go-around, but we’re going to breakdown the steps down below, so it’ll be easier for you.

  1. Find a shader pack you want to install
  2. Download the shaders, and also install the latest Optifine version of Minecraft
    1. This is how you’ll be able to use shaders within Minecraft
  3. Then, launch Minecraft and head over to the options tab, and scroll into the video settings
  4. Select shaders
  5. Hit the shaders folder button on the bottom left
  6. Locate the shader you’ve installed and load this file into the game

This process is relatively easy once you get the hang of it, but this isn’t worth much to you if you don’t have some shaders to download.


Best Minecraft Shaders for Bedrock edition

If you’re looking to spice up your Minecraft game, there are some shaders that players have been raving about since they were released, and it’s worth trying them out on your server.

Below is a quick overview of some of the shader packs we recommend trying out in 2021, along with where you’ll be able to download them.

Slidurs Vibrant Shaders

Slidur has long been one of the best Minecraft shaders to download, and this is once again the case in 2021, as they offer some of the best shaders in the game, and add some amazing colors to your world.

EBIN Shaders

EBIN shaders offer a unique perspective to the game.

Similar to Slidur’s, EBIN’s offers some elements similar to other shader packs, but differs with an emphasis on clouds and the sun.


Oceano Shaders

Next on our list is Oceano’s shader pack, which offers some calming graphical changes to the game, to put you at peace when trying to perfect your village.


Similar to Slidur’s, Continuum has been one of the most popular shaders.

Last on our list is Continuum’s shader pack, which is one of the harder shader packs to install for Minecraft, but it’ll make a massive difference if you’re able to run this pack.

It’s by and large, one of the best-looking shader packs within the game, and you may often forget you’re playing Minecraft when diving into this pack!

Now that you’ve got your Minecraft looking better than ever, it’ll be good to get a grip on some of the crafting recipes you’ll need to master within the game.


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