Best Minecraft cheats and commands: Teleport, difficulty, spawn & more

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Minecraft is a game that promotes freedom, fun, and exploration – but the game can be made even more free and fun with the right cheats and commands. We’ve got the best Minecraft commands list to help you teleport, spawn mobs, and more, as well as how to enable these cheats.

Minecraft is one of the biggest games in history, with its following still staying in the millions after 12 years since its release. This is mostly due to the freedom players are granted and the features constantly being added in new updates. Thanks to these, players are able to explore multiple mobs, beautiful biomes, and will likely come across something new every time.

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However, sometimes, players and their friends want to mix their game up a little, which is where cheats and commands come in. With such Minecraft cheats, you can teleport, fly, spawn specific items in, or just do whatever you want.

So, we’ve put together a best Minecraft commands list to help you make your game work exactly how you want it to. We’ve also detailed how to enable cheats in Minecraft so you can get right into your new world and build your favorite house with ease.

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Every world in Minecraft is bound to be different


What are commands and cheats in Minecraft?

These commands and cheats are pre-existing phrases that players can enter into the in-game console within Minecraft. Doing enables them to teleport, kill others, and so much more.

They are completely safe to use, and they will not affect the overall gameplay and layout of your world too much. Mojang has implemented these commands to allow fans to let loose a bit, and have some more fun with these wacky commands.

How to enable cheats in Minecraft and use them

Enabling cheats is relatively easy but there are a few rules. The first is that you need to enable cheats when starting a new world and the second is that enabling cheats will stop you from getting achievements in that world. So if you’re going achievement hunting, this is not the best way to do so.

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Nevertheless, to enable cheats in Minecraft simply follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Create New World’.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see General. Scroll down until you see ‘Cheats’
  3. Select ‘Cheats’ and toggle the setting on. You can also toggle other settings on in this section if you choose.
  4. Create your game and the cheats will be ready.

Once you’ve enabled the cheats, follow these steps to use them:

  1. Press / on your keyboard to bring up the text box
  2. Type the cheat in and press enter. It should look like this: /atlantis
  3. The game will help you with the cheat if you need it.

Can I use commands on Xbox and Nintendo Switch?

mc cheatsMojang
Commands allow players to teleport and so much more!

No, unfortunately, there is no in-game console for players to access while on these consoles. But, there are already cheats enabled within the game that you can access, so there is something for everyone.

What are the best cheats and commands in Minecraft?

Now that we have talked about the steps required needed to enter these commands, it is about time we actually talk about the cheats players can use within Minecraft.

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As well, there are player-specific console commands, world-specific ones, and item commands; these are different in their own respects, so we will separate them accordingly.

Cool mc hOMEMojang
We have seen some stellar Minecraft homes!

Here are all the active commands/cheats that players can use within Minecraft!

Player commands/cheats

World commands/cheats

Minecraft CheatCommand to useWhat it does
Teleport“/tp [player]”Can either teleport yourself or other players in your server
Kill“/kill [player]”Instantly kills a player
Enchantment “/enchant
Experience“/experience add
Status Effect“/effect
Clear Status Effect “/effect clear Clears a status effect from a player
Give “/give
Help “/help [CommandName]”Provides a list of commands to help players
a jungle in minecraftMojang
Manipulate the world around you with this Minecraft commands list.

Item/NPC commands/cheats

Minecraft CheatCommand to useWhat it does
Seed /seedDisplays the world seed
Spawn Location /setworldspawn [x y z] Sets the world spawn
Difficulty Level /difficulty Sets your difficulty level
World Time/time set Set the worlds time/ 24 hour clock
Game Mode /gamemode Allows you to change the game mode of a player
Weather/weather Lets you change the weather
Turn off Weather/gamerule doWeatherCycle falseTurns off the weather cycle
Day/Night Cycle Off/gamerule doDaylightCycle falseTurns off the Day/Night cycle
Copy Blocks/clone

That’s our Minecraft commands list filled with the best cheats in the game. Be sure to let us know which commands you use the most, such as the Minecraft teleport command or fall damage. Or, take a look at some of our other handy Minecraft guides:

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Minecraft CheatCommand to useWhat it does
Store Items /dropstoreTransfer items into a chest
Damage/damageDeals damage to an entity
Duplicate/duplicateDuplicates an item
Smelt/superheatTakes unsmelted food or ores and cooks them
Add to Inventory/give
Keep Inventory When Respawning/gamerule keepInventory trueLets you keep your inventory upon death
Spawn Mobs/summon Spawns mobs to a specified location
Ride/rideAllows entities to mount or dismount other entities
Freeze/freeze [player]Freeze a player

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