Best Minecraft cheats and commands: Teleport, difficulty, spawn & more

minecraft commands and cheatsMojang

Looking for a fun way to change the way you play Minecraft? Here are the best cheats and commands you should try out to spice up your Minecraft experience!

Being one of the biggest games to release throughout gaming history, Mojang’s sandbox cooperative title Minecraft is still prominent within the community to this day. It is a title where every time you log in, you are bound to encounter new things.

There is an endless amount of fun to be had when playing, and the in-game console is one-way players have been spicing up their adventure. With a collection of commands/cheats to enhance your world; we are going to run over the best ones you should be using.

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Minecraft gameMojang
Every world in Minecraft is bound to be different


What are commands and cheats in Minecraft?

These commands and cheats are pre-existing phrases that players can enter into the in-game console within Minecraft. Doing enables them to teleport, kill others, and so much more.

They are completely safe to use, and they will not affect the overall gameplay and layout of your world too much. Mojang has implemented these commands to allow fans to let loose a bit, and have some more fun with these wacky commands.

Can you use cheats in your Minecraft world?

Before you can use these cheats, when you are creating your Minecraft world, you are going to need to select allow cheats. While you can do this in the actual world itself, it is far easier to just enable them before jumping in.

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mc cheatsMojang
Commands allow for players to teleport and so much more!

Now that you have this enabled, you are going to want to hit on your keyboard. This will bring up the command console, and this is where you are going to enter all the commands we will list down below!

There is one note we should warn you about – every time you enter a command into the console, you are going to need to put a ‘/’ beforehand.

Can I use commands on Xbox and Nintendo Switch?

No, unfortunately, there is no in-game console for players to access while on these consoles. But, there are already cheats enabled within the game that you can access, so there is something for everyone.

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What are the best cheats and commands in Minecraft?

Now that we have talked about the steps required needed to enter these commands, it is about time we actually talk about the cheats players can use within Minecraft.

As well, there are player-specific console commands, world-specific ones, and item commands; these are different in their own respects, so we will separate them accordingly.

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We have seen some stellar Minecraft homes!

Here are all the active commands/cheats that players can use within Minecraft!

Player commands/cheats