How to make a beehive in Minecraft: Find bees and harvest honey

Minecraft beesMicrosoft/Mojang

Finding bees, collecting honey, and making a beehive in Minecraft can be incredibly useful, whether it’s for speeding up your crop growth or for a handy sweet treat. Here’s how to harvest honey, how to make a beehive, and how to find bees in Minecraft.

Minecraft bees may only be an adorable mob added during recent updates, but they can be so much more than an aesthetically pleasing addition – after all, you have shaders for that.

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Essentially, bees allow you to collect honey, and craft beehives for them all while they speed up your crop growth and give you some great ingredients for food. While that’s ideal, getting a beehive and collecting honey in Minecraft can be a tricky job.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about how to make a beehive in Minecraft as well as how to harvest honey.


Minecraft BeesMicrosoft/Mojang
Minecraft Bees are known as neutral mobs.


How to find bees in Minecraft

Bees are quite common in a variety of biomes throughout Minecraft. Typically they can be spotted by plains in oak and birch trees, in flower forests, and also by sunflower plains near and/or around bee nests.

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They automatically spawn and are not prone to unprovoked aggression. However, if you attempt to harvest honey or attack any members of the nest, then the bees will retaliate by poisoning you with their stingers.

How to harvest honey in Minecraft

Harvesting honey in MinecraftMicrosoft/Mojang
You can harvest honey from full bee nests in Minecraft.

Knowing how to get honey and honeycomb in Minecraft requires a careful approach and following a few easy steps. To collect honey and honeycomb in Minecraft follow these steps:

To collect honey in Minecraft:

  1. Make an empty Glass Bottle (three Glass)
  2. Find a full beehive
  3. Right-click (or respective button) the full beehive

Keep in mind that bees must have deposited five lots of pollen before you can harvest honey.

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To harvest honeycomb in Minecraft:

  1. Craft shears (two Iron)
  2. Use the shears on the full beehive
  3. Collect the honeycomb

How to make a beehive in Minecraft

Crafting beehive in MinecraftMicrosoft/Mojang
You can use any wood planks to craft a beehive in Minecraft.

Knowing how to make a beehive in Minecraft is easy when you have a crafting table and the recipe. Here’s how to make a beehive:

  1. In the crafting grid place three wood planks on the top three and bottom slots.
  2. Then, place three honeycombs into the three middle slots.
  3. And that’s it, you’ll have made a Minecraft beehive!

That’s how to find bees, make a beehive, and get honey in Minecraft. While on the hunt for Bees, or while you’re waiting for honey to be produced, take a look at some of our handy Minecraft guides:

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