How to breed turtles in Minecraft

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Sea Turtles are an adorable addition to Minecraft but can be a tricky mob to control. Here’s how you can find, catch, and breed Turtles in Minecraft, as well as what rewards you’ll get for your efforts.

Harvesting resources from creatures in Minecraft usually means a player just has to kill the animal or mob. Then, they’ll then receive the item in the form of a drop and it’s just a case of repeating the process.

Unlike those other mobs, players cannot simply kill turtles and loot their remains. Instead, getting their drops is a process that requires you to keep the creatures safe and ensure their offspring grow up.

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Back in 2018 when Mojang released the creatures into the game, they specifically stated that the animals were “endangered” so it’ll take a bit more than a swing of your sword to collect resources from a turtle.

Here is how to breed Minecraft’s Sea Turtles and how to get the rewards for doing so.


How to find Sea Turtles in Minecraft?

Sea Turtles can be found throughout your Minecraft world in beach biomes. They can be found swimming in the oceans nearby or just scuttling across the sand.

How to catch Minecraft’s Sea Turtles?

Unfortunately, turtles cannot be attached to leads and dragged back to your base for breeding, so they will have to be lured back instead.

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Turtles will be attracted to a player holding sea grass and will follow them. However, if your base is a long way from the beach, no worries. Sea Turtles can be lured into boats and minecarts for quick transportation.

How to breed Sea Turtles in Minecraft?

Breeding Turtles in Minecraft is as simple as getting two together and feeding them sea grass. This will put the turtles into the love mode.

Once the turtles are in love mode, one will become pregnant and try to make their way back to their home beach (where they first spawned) to lay their eggs.

Turtles lay eggs in clutches of 1-4, and the eggs will hatch in 4-5 days. Eggs will only hatch if they are placed on a sand or red sand block and if they are above water level.

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However, eggs can be destroyed quite easily, either by the player or by being trampled or walked over by the player or any mobs wandering the world of Minecraft.

However, turtle eggs can be farmed with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, allowing the player to pick them up and relocate them somewhere safe. This also allows you to re-set these newborn turtles’ home beach, so breeding those turtles will have them lay their eggs where you placed the eggs they hatched from.

Sea Turtle rewards

Breeding Sea Turtles is the only way to get scute in Minecraft. When baby turtles hatch and grow into adults, they will drop scute naturally (there’s no need to kill them). So as long as you keep enough turtles laying eggs and nurture the babies into adulthood you can easily farm scute.

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Scutes are useful not only for trading with cleric and leatherworker villagers, but they are the only way to get a turtle shell.

In addition, if you have a turtle shell and it is damaged, the only way to repair a turtle shell is to combine it with scute in an anvil.

How to make a Turtle Shell in Minecraft

The recipe for Minecraft’s turtle shell.

The recipe for crafting a turtle shell is 5 scutes. Simply arrange them in the pattern seen above.

What is a turtle shell used for in Minecraft?

Turtle shells are extremely useful because they will grant the Water Breathing status, which gives you 10 seconds of extra breathing time underwater.

However, the downside of a turtle shell is that it replaces a helmet and cannot be enchanted. This means that you will have less armor to protect you, and you can miss out on enchantments like Aqua Affinity (helmets can also be enchanted with Respiration, which helps you breathe underwater as well).

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The turtle shell offers the same amount of defensive points as gold, chainmail, and iron helmets, so it’s not completely useless. In addition, the shell is incredibly useful while exploring underwater caverns and hidden areas.

Hopefully, that’s taught you exactly how to breed turtles in Minecraft and why doing so can yield such big rewards. Check below for more Minecraft guides!

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