Minecraft: How to make a Brush & what is the Feather Copper Sword?

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The Brush is a vital piece of equipment in the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, helping you locate treasure and so much more. But how do you make a Brush and what is the Feather Copper Sword in Minecraft? We’ve got all the answers here.

The 1.20 Minecraft update is quickly approaching and is bringing with it new mobs, blocks, biomes, and features. One such feature is the newly announced Archeology which in turn adds in hidden treasures uncovered by the new tool the Brush.

However, the nature of this brush has many players a little confused regarding how to craft it, especially with many players calling it a Feather Copper Sword after its design. So, here’s how to craft a brush in Minecraft along with what a Feather Copper Sword is.

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If you want to try out the Brush and other features in Minecraft, take a look at the snapshot by following our handy guide about how to join in.

What is the Feather Copper Sword in Minecraft?

The Feather Copper Sword is a joke among the Minecraft community regarding the new crafting design and recipe for the Brush.

The previous design resembled that of a pickaxe with the recipe being two sticks and three string in a horizontal pattern. Now, in the new experimental update, the recipe has been changed, with the Brush needing copper, a stick, and a feather.

This has led to many players joking that it will now craft a Feather Copper Sword in Minecraft, dealing tickling damage to mobs.

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The weapon is not in Minecraft and will likely never appear, but many can’t ignore the similarities in the Brush’s recipe design.

How to make a Brush in Minecraft 1.20

How to craft a brush in MinecraftMojang
The recipe has harder to get materials since the alteration.

Since the recipe for the Brush in Minecraft has changed, many will need to relearn how to make this treasure-hunting tool.

To craft a Brush in Minecraft you’ll need three ingredients:

  • 1 Feather
  • 1 Copper
  • 1 Stick

You’ll be able to get hold of the feather by killing a chicken. Then you can get the stick by chopping down a tree, turning the wood into planks, then turning those planks into sticks. Lastly, Copper can be found in caves and underground, just like other ores.

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Then, when you have all the materials required, head to a Crafting Table and place the Feather, Copper Ingot, and Stick in a vertical line in the middle of your table. This will craft a Brush.

It’s worth noting that this is still in the experimental phase of the 1.20 update so the recipe is subject to change. However, we will update this article as soon as changes are made.

That’s how you can craft a Brush in Minecraft as well as what the Feather Copper Sword is. While waiting for the 1.20 update to release, take a look at some of our other handy Minecraft guides and content:

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