How to craft Minecraft Smithing Table: Recipe, uses & crafting guide

Minecraft Smithing TableMojang

Smithing Tables are vital if you want to survive or deal great damage in Minecraft. It’s almost as useful as a crafting table – but it often leaves many wondering what it is, how to craft it, and what you can use a Smithing Table for in Minecraft. Here are all the answers so you can get onto making powerful gear and tools.

Thanks to the constant evolution of Minecraft, fans are seeing new equipment, tools, and power coming into the ever-popular game. One such piece of equipment may not be the newest but many players often go through their game without making or using a Smithing Table. This has been fine for the 1.19 update, but thanks to new announcements, the Smithing Table is now a vital element in Minecraft.

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Announced for the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, a new use has been revealed for the Smithing Table, bringing the pivotal tool back into the spotlight. With that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the Smithing Table in Minecraft as well as how to craft it and what it’s used for.


Minecraft smithing tableMojang
Smithing Tables are key for power and good-looking armor.

What is a Smithing Table in Minecraft?

A Minecraft Smithing table is similar to an Anvil and has three purposes. The first is to upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor from diamond to netherite, thus making your items the highest tier in the game. The second purpose is as a job station for a Toolsmith villager and the third is the recently announced Armor Trims.

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Using a smithing table on some Smithing Templates found around the world and adding in ore and a piece of armor will create new stylish Armor Trims.

How to craft a Smithing Table

Minecraft Smithing TableMojang
Luckily, the Smithing Table is extremely easy to craft.

To craft a Smithing Table you will need to gather two different ingredients:

  • Two Iron Ingots
  • Four Wood Planks

You’ll be able to find the Iron Ingots underground. When you find the cream-colored ore mine it and smelt the Iron Ore. Once done, this will turn into Iron Ingots.

As for the four Wood Planks. Simply chop down a tree, place the logs in a crafting table and you’ll get your Wood Planks.

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How to use a Smithing Table in Minecraft

To use a Smithing Table in Minecraft all you’ll need to do is place it down in your home. Then all you need to do is place your diamond armor into the slot along with the netherite ingot and it will update your kit while still keeping its enchantments.

If you want to trim armor using the Smithing Table you’ll need to be playing through the 1.20 Snapshot. Simply place all the required ingredients into the table and it will craft your newly styled armor.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Smithing Table in Minecraft as well as how to use it and craft it. While waiting for your Iron to smelt, take a look at some of our handy Minecraft guides:

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