Honkai Star Rail players want fan-favorite Genshin character as a crossover

Jessica Filby
Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact

Honkai Star Rail fans have decided which Genshin Impact character they want to see join the game in its first crossover, and it might not be the character you expect.

Created by HoYoverse, both Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact share pretty passionate developers, constantly providing exciting updates, new characters, and engaging quests for players to get involved with.

However, when the extremely popular gacha game, Genshin Impact collaborated with another of HoYoverse’s many successes, Honkai Impact, players were given a taste of crossover characters, inspiring a whole new question, which Genshin Impact characters should come over to Honkai Star Rail?

Such a question was posted on Reddit, which brought in a flood of different suggestions, with one fan-favorite character undeniably coming out on top, leaving fans dreaming of the day Genshin Impact and Honaki Star Rail finally have a crossover.

Honkai Star Rail players reveal Genshin Impact character that needs a crossover

Posting on Reddit, user SPRITEstrawbery asked Honkai Star Rail fans, “To those who play Genshin Impact, if you could bring over one character to Star Rail, who would it be and why?” They then followed on by stating how they’d “bring over Tartaglia, because I think he’d be a cool addition to this game, and probably have good chemistry with Sampo or the Trailblazer.”

While many agreed with their reasoning, hundreds of players took to the comments to give their dream crossover character. “Eula because physical is good here. She will be AoE physical dps.” stated one player, using their reasoning at the more powerful physical attacks Honkai Star Rail possesses.

Another fan suggested putting in Deyha, explaining “I don’t know what her kit would be, and she doesn’t necessarily fit the aesthetic of the game, but she deserves another chance to be good, dammit.”

However, while there were plenty of suggestions, one character truly took the crown, with thousands agreeing and hundreds suggesting the character for themselves. With 1.7k upvotes at the time of writing, one user wrote “Fischl, she has to be in every game.”

When Genshin Impact and Honaki Impact had their crossover, Fischl was added to Honkai Impact, and it’s clear to see that the addition was extremely popular, with many highlighting the fact that “Fischl must be in every hoyo game by international and intergalactic law.”

It’s clear to see that if there were to be a Genshin Impact x Honkai Star Rail crossover, the first character players will be demanding to see is the fan-favorite, Fischl.

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